New Hampshire Homes for Sale

New Hampshire, situated in the northeast of the country is one of the smallest states in the nation – but great things come in small packages. Bordering Quebec to the north and big cities like Boston to the south, New Hampshire is growing in popularity for home buyers. Homes for sale in New Hampshire range from Victorians and Colonials dripping with history and character to your modern day Traditional and Cape Cod homes with updated features and clean designs. New Hampshire real estate is so diverse you will always find something that will fit your individual and unique needs. The state is home to a variety of different communities and areas, from the lake’s region to seaside towns and from urban cities to small rural towns, there is something for everyone.

The largest city in the state, Manchester, is just a short drive away from the New Hampshire’s capital of Concord. This city is a favorable location due to its affordability, downtown amenities and historic charm. Between the recognized historical buildings, notable museums, downtown restaurants and shops, Manchester has attracted a variety of people with all kinds of different interests.

Portsmouth is also a very recognized area in New Hampshire due to its tourism popularity in the summer months. Located in a historic area on the seaside, Portsmouth offers a number of popular activities. Take a walk into the historic downtown and visit the museums or go to a local restaurant for some of their very popular fresh seafood options.

New Hampshire has been a desired area for home buyers as well as business owners due to its lower cost of living and higher median household income in comparison to other states in the US. Living and working in New Hampshire has its benefits – zero sales tax makes everyday shopping more enjoyable and cheaper. And if you work in New Hampshire, they do not have a state income tax, allowing you to save a little more in each paycheck. Depending on what you’re looking for, New Hampshire offers a large variety of businesses – local stores such as boutiques and “mom and pop” shops can thrive with relative ease. On the other hand, corporate entities have flourished as well, giving patrons a unique mix of both. Explore New Hampshire real estate for sale today!