Why Hire a Buyer's Agent

In most States consumers have two options for engaging an Agent when searching and purchasing a new home. The two types of engagements are Facilitator and Buyer’s Agent.

In the case of having an Agent act as a Facilitator, the consumer is not actually hiring the Agent to represent them. In this case the Agent is there to facilitate the transaction and does not give advice. This scenario is typically used by Buyers who are well versed at purchasing homes and need no advice or guidance from an Agent. They are typically relying on their own real estate experiences.

Facilitator Responsibilities: Honesty, reasonable skill and care, disclosure of material facts about properties. Works “with” the buyer.

In the case of Buyer’s Agent, the Buyer is hiring the Agent to represent them throughout the buying process. In this case the Buyer and their Agent are closely tied with the Agent looking out for the Buyer’s best interest throughout the process.

Buyer Agent Responsibilities: Honesty, loyalty, obedience, care, diligence, confidentiality, full disclosure & accountability. Works “for” the buyer.

To learn more about the differences between Facilitator and Buyer’s Agent, please click here to open a helpful Comparison Chart.

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