Why Buyers Still Shop for Homes During the Holidays

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gingerbread houseAfter everyone has recovered from eating way too much turkey and pumpkin pie, holiday season is in full swing. If your home is on the market, you might worry that while everyone is out doing their holiday shopping and preparing to host family and friends in December, the last thing on their shopping list will be that new home. But potential buyers are still out there shopping because they have time off from work during the holiday season, and they are serious buyers.

On Thanksgiving Day itself, online searches for home and website traffic for most real estate agencies’ websites goes down. But, regardless of where you live, the days following the Thanksgiving holiday seem to be when some very serious home buyers get even more serious.

Why do serious buyers come out this time of year? Here a few reasons:

  • Winter weather is coming. If snow hasn’t already arrived, it will soon. Seeing homes and moving with two feet of snow on the ground is simply harder to do than with only a few inches of snow-cover. Buyers may feel that the sooner they move, the better.

  • They want to be home for the holidays. These buyers want to be settled before the holiday season has completely taken over their family’s schedule. The holidays are busy, and for many they want to be in their new home to enjoy it.

  • Buyers want their children settled into their new home before they start back to school after the long holiday break. Moving can be tough on children. They may not adjust instantly to their new house, new bedroom or new community. Plus, if moving means attending a new school, the pressure and stress is even greater. Getting settled in before returning to school in January allows time to adjust without school pressures added to it.

  • If they are relocating for their jobs, their transfer might start with the New Year. The New Year is a natural start for new beginnings, including new jobs or transfers. People who know they will be relocating are eagerly looking to buy right after Thanksgiving.

Even during the hectic holiday season, there are serious buyers searching for that ideal home. Working with an experienced real estate agent can help you juggle showings and attract the right buyers, so you can sell your home quickly and have more time to enjoy all that the holiday season brings.

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