What's Up This Weekend | May 2nd

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We’re in the midst of some very trying and unprecedented times, with events and regular entertainment on hold for the foreseeable future. A lot of people are taking extra precaution and staying in - but we’re all going a little stir crazy. So instead of highlighting events around New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we’re going to give you a few ideas of what you can whip up in the kitchen with the kids to keep your mind occupied and bellies full with delicious goodies. 

  1. Ants on a Log: All you’ll need is celery, peanut butter, and chocolate chips and/or raisins for the ants. Put it all together and have the kids devour this delicious healthy snack. 
  2. Dirt and Worms: It’s not as disgusting as it sounds, I promise. Whip up this delicious dessert with three ingredients. First you’ll need chocolate pudding for the base (either make it yourself or premade will do just fine), add crushed up oreos on top for the “dirt” and stick in some gummy worms. Your kids will love eating this gross dessert.
  3. Personal Pizzas: You can really get creative with this one - you can use actual pizza dough, or english muffins, or even bagels as your base - it all depends on what you have around the house. Then lather it up with tomato sauce and cheese, then have the kiddos pick out and decorate their pizzas with their own toppings.
  4. Pancake Poppers: All you’ll need is your favorite pancake mix and a muffin tin. Pour the pancake batter into the tin and bake them. This makes them fun to eat and it takes away the mess of flipping the pancakes.
  5. PB&J Tacos: PB&J taste a lot better in a taco form! Grab a slice of bread, load up on the peanut butter and jelly, then add some fruit toppings. Fold it up and eat it like a taco - your kids will have a blast eating a traditional sandwich in a non traditional way. You could make these with other spreads as well - nutella, fluff, etc. All up to your own taste buds!
  6. Pinwheel Sandwiches: Grab some wraps, a deli meat of your choice, some cheese, and some condiments. Load up your sandwich and roll it up like normal, then cut it in inch thick pieces. The sandwich will take on a pinwheel effect and your kids will love these bite size treats!
  7. Apple “Donuts”: Take your favorite kind of apple and cut them into thin rounds and then core out the middle, making it take the shape of a donut. Then have your kiddos decorate the top with caramel, chocolate spread, frosting, and some sprinkles for the top. They’ll have a blast decorating their own healthier version of a donut.
  8. Cookie Cake: Whip up your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, pop it in the oven and let the kids go wild on the decoration. Have them frost, sprinkle, and design their own artwork on top of their giant cookie. They’ll have a blast eating their own artwork.

Hopefully these ideas will help you keep your mind busy while making some delicious food with your kiddos. Being at home for an extended period of time can feel a little overwhelming and boring, but the actions we’re taking today will help bring us a better tomorrow.  Here at Verani Realty, we are invested in making your home dreams come true, so if you’re in the market for a new sanctuary, we can help! Visit Verani.com for more information, besides, admiring some homes for sale in NH and MA can be done from inside too! 

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time. We’re here if you need us!

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