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We’re in the midst of some very trying and unprecedented times, with events and regular entertainment on hold for the foreseeable future. A lot of people are taking extra precaution and staying in - but we’re all craving a little connection outside of our own home. So instead of highlighting events around New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we’re going to give you a few ideas of how you can connect with your friends and family virtually. Let’s lighten the mood a bit and lay out some virtual game night ideas you can enjoy with your family and friends. 

Virtual Game Night Ideas: 

  1. Charades: I think we’ve all played charades at one time or another, but in case you need a reminder it’s the game where a player acts out a certain word or phrase without speaking. All you need is a list of suggestions - you can easily Google some - a timer, and to point your computer towards you when it’s your turn so everyone can guess! It’s something fun for all ages. 
  2. Trivia Night: We all love a good trivia night! Grab a few friends and collect some questions, enough for maybe 5 or so categories, break off into teams or play as individuals and keep score! If you’re playing on Zoom, teams can break off into rooms to discuss answers, and after 30 or so seconds, come back to the main Zoom and share your answer. These questions can be tailored to your unique group, there are tons of different resources available on Google. 
  3. Truth or Dare: The king game of all slumber parties growing up can be played virtually! It’s perfect for large and small groups, you can ask questions to get to know each other better or throw out some crazy dares to get everyone laughing. It’s perfect for all ages and it’s sure to get everyone smiling. 
  4. Never Have I Ever: This classic drinking game can be played with or without alcohol, it’s fun either way! This is the game where players put up 5 fingers and you go around saying things you’ve never done. If a player in the group has done the thing someone has mentioned, they now need to put a finger down and/or take a drink. The spicier the questions, the more fun! The person who puts all fingers down first, loses! The way you win is if you have the most fingers up when the first person goes out!
  5. Two Truths and A Lie: You really think you know your family and friends? Put it to the test with this game! The idea of the game is going around the group and saying two truths and a lie about yourself. The best strategy is to come up with two truths that they may not know about you, maybe it’s a tad outlandish, then mix that in with an equally outlandish lie. It will be extra tricky for them to figure it out!
  6. Scavenger Hunt: Come up with a list of 10+ items you and your friends/family may have around the house, such as a blanket, coffee mug, hair tie, as well as a few unique items. Share the list with everyone and set a timer, then see who can come rushing back first with all the items. It’s a fun way to get active while at home!
  7. Would You Rather: Another fun and silly way to get to know your family or friends! Go around the group asking everyone Would You Rather type questions, the sillier or the harder the question, the better! For example: would you rather constantly smell hot dogs, or would you rather constantly taste hotdogs? 
  8. Battleship: The classic board game we all played as kids can come to your next virtual game night! You don’t need the actual board, you can draw a board on a piece of paper. You will draw your board along with the number of boards according to how many people are playing. So if you have four friends, you will have five boards (including your own). These boards will be 5 x 5 labeled A-E on the top and 1-5 on the side. You each have three ships, a ship over 4 squares, 3 squares, and 2 squares, just like in battleship you can arrange them however you please - you can even include a “bomb” space and if someone calls out that space you have to drink or take a shot (21+ only). Then you will go around calling out spaces (i.e. call B4 and that player will say hit or miss) on each other’s boards to try and sink their ships. Be sure to pay attention as others go so you can mark down what they call too! The person at the end who doesn’t have all their ships sank, wins!

Hopefully these game night ideas will help you stay connected in these unprecedented times. Being at home for an extended period of time can feel a little overwhelming and boring, but the actions we’re taking today will help bring us a better tomorrow.  Here at Verani Realty, we are invested in making your home dreams come true, so if you’re in the market for a new sanctuary, we can help! Visit Verani.com for more information, besides, admiring some homes for sale in NH and MA can be done from inside too! 

We hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time. We’re here if you need us!

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