What Homeowners Should Do Now to Prepare to Sell in the Spring

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Sold sign in front of houseMost real estate markets have begun to see an increase in the volume of new listings as well as number of homes quickly going under contract. The first day of spring is fast approaching, and this triggers homeowners to decide to sell. Why is spring such a busy season for real estate? Combine warmer weather with more hours of daylight, and sometimes a need to get resettled before the new school year begins in the fall, and sellers suddenly feel it is time to make their move – literally. Statistically, there are more buyers looking for a home during the spring, and that figure falls off a bit during the summer. If this has peaked your interest and you are thinking it is time to call a real estate agent, here are a few tips:

  1. Prepare for your real estate agent and potential buyers to see your home. This means thorough cleaning (carpeting, hardwood floors, grout between tiles, and bathrooms) organizing, de-cluttering and touching up paint wherever it’s needed – now.
  2. As soon as the last of the snow has melted, start some basic yard cleanup, such as picking up fallen branches and debris, and preparing flower beds to plant colorful blooms in time for spring.
  3. Pack up winter items that will not be needed again until you are resettled in a new home. This eliminates clutter and stuffed closets. Consider renting a small storage unit to store boxes so your home will appear as spacious as it really is.
  4. Give your mailbox a refresh. Make sure the house number on it is clear and it looks attractive – even after the ravages of winter.
  5. Replace all your welcome mats and get planters prepared for the front entry. As soon as the risk of frost has passed, plant some colorful blooms to make the entry area look warm and welcoming.
  6. Put a springtime wreath on the front door and make certain all Christmas lights are taken down and stored away. Buyers may question the home’s overall upkeep if tasks that should have been done a couple months ago remain uncompleted.
  7. Replace any outdoor lighting fixtures that look shabby and worn. If you use solar stake lighting for your paths, check to be sure they survived winter unscathed.
  8. Spring can be muddy, so prepare an area for buyers to place their shoes by the door.
  9. Make any repairs needed to roof shingles that may have come loose due to snow and ice.
  10. Look at homes online that have recently sold in your area, but only compare those which are similar in size and features to your home. This gives you some basic information on the current market conditions. However, your real estate agent will conduct a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to tell you the price you can expect to get for your home and what figure you should list it for.

There’s no doubt spring is when properties show beautifully. Flowers are in bloom and buyers are plentiful. Having more hours of daylight also gives buyers more time to look at houses, which means your property can be seen by more buyers during the day. But the time to prepare for selling your home in spring is now.

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