What Family Buyers Want in a Home

family after moving into homeDifferent home buyers want different things. But families with children have some very particular features that they look for. If you are a buyer with small children and have no idea what features you should be taking into consideration, or you think a nice back yard and more than one bathroom completes the list, think again.

The list of family-friendly features is longer than you might expect. Here are a few things to keep in mind while home shopping.

  • The number of bedrooms, their sizes, and their locations in the house. Maybe you think you are probably not going to have more children, but life has a way of surprising people sometimes. Think about whether each home you look at has the potential to accommodate your family if it grows. What about overnight guests? Where are the kids’ bedrooms located compared to the master bedroom? If they are on another floor, will you be Ok with the distance between you and your light-sleeping child at night? If kids will share a room, is the bedroom really large enough to accommodate their beds and dressers and still have room to move around and for play?

  • Are the bathrooms small? Can two kids get ready in the morning at the same time?

  • Does the home need work? As a family with children, it is not uncommon to be short on both time and money, so you might never get to refinishing those floors or rebuilding that deck. Keep your actual free time and budget in mind when considering repairs that you will need to do the home.

  • Is the backyard fenced in? Do you see a space where your children and pets can play freely without worrying about passing cars or strangers? Installing a fence is an added expense, so consider this when you are looking at the pros and cons of the home and its pricing.

  • Is the kitchen area open enough for your busy family to function well? Could you keep an eye on the kids while making dinner? A formal dining room is nice, but today’s families often require the ability to multi-task, and open floorplans support that need better than closed off rooms.

  • Is their trash pick-up? Might seem silly, but it is a feature some municipalities do not offer as part of their services. This means you must either take your trash to the local landfill yourself (one more thing on your to-do list) or hire a company to haul away your trash (an added expense). This is probably not a deal breaker on a home, but it is good to consider it in your budget decisions.

  • Are there other kids in the neighborhood? Again this is not a deal breaker, but isn’t it more appealing to think of your kids having nearby friends to play with, without having to drive anywhere?

  • What is the school system like? Is it rated well? Does it offer special services for gifted students as well as those needing extra help? Have you taken a tour of the school your child will attend?

Be sure to read our article on Choosing the Right Community, because not only is important to choose the right home, but is eaqually important to be aware of  the community when you are a purchasing a home for your family.

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