Buying A Waterfront Home vs. A Home Near Water

pros and cons of buying a waterfront home

If you are researching waterfront real estate near me, you might be fantasizing about living your dream life by the sea. Many homeowners struggle to decide if it’s better to buy a home directly on the water, or near the water. Before you decide on the best waterfront homes for sale, let’s walk through the pros and cons of each of these popular options. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to make the ideal decision for you and your family! 

The Pros of Living on the Water

Stunning views 
One of the most appealing aspects of living on the water is waking up to the eye-catching views of morning light, flowing water and seagulls chirping. Many people enjoy the fact that their background feels like a vacation resort, which is why living on the water can be a great experience. If you are buying a second home, this might be an even bigger push to settle down right by the sea or lakeside. 

Easy accessibility
When you live on the water, you don’t have to worry about packing a bag or car to get to your destination. During the summer months, all you have to do is sit back and relax in the comfort of your own property. For busy families or loyal homebodies, this can be a motivating factor in living directly on the water. 

No boat or dock rentals 
Life on the water means you can invest more into your property, and less into rentals or storage. Many homeowners will purchase a boat and keep it directly on their dock, allowing for easy access any day of the week. For anyone that enjoys boating or watersports, investing in a property could save you time and money down the line. In this case, you might want to consider waterfront homes for sale in your area. 

Strong potential for appreciation 
Waterfront homes for sale are always in high demand, making them a great property investment. Many of these homes have a strong potential for appreciation, offering homeowners a major return on investment with extra cash to put towards their next home. Although there are downsides to waterfront homes, if you have the money to upkeep maintenance, they will nearly always be a desirable asset with an increasing market value. 

Investment potential
If you want to rent out your home to tourists, waterfront homes increase your probability of turning a profit. Many vacationers will research waterfront real estate near me on AirBnB or other real estate rental platforms. These properties are able to be offered at a higher value per night as residents have access to your amenities and views. 

Cons of Living on the Water

Excess Maintenance 
Depending on where your house is located, waterfront homes may endure more weathering, erosion and maintenance concerns. Homeowners need to be aware of the issues their home might face. It’s important to discuss concerns with your local community and neighbors before making a final purchase. If you are buying a vacation home, you’ll need to make sure that you can upkeep property needs year-round. 

Storm Threats
Homes by the water are prone to more tumultuous storm conditions like hurricanes, excess rain, wind and occasional tornados. If you are living in a storm-prone region, you’ll want to research the historical storms in the area to make sure you are prepared to deal with anything that might arise in the future. 

If noise is a dealbreaker for you, exploring regions near the water may be a better option. Depending on the city and area you live in, waterfront regions can produce more noise from people, traffic, animals, the environment and more. 

Waterfront towns are known for being go-to hubs for tourists, which means new people and families could be visiting every weekend. This is especially true in the peak of the warm months, which is when you’d want to spend the most time outdoors. Make sure to take into consideration how much tourism your local area experiences. If you find that there are a lot of waterfront homes for sale, you might want to opt for a destination in a private area. 

Is It Better to Live Near the Water? 

Now that we reviewed the pros and cons of living on the water, you might be wondering, is it better to live near the water instead? The answer is truly going to look different for everyone. Some people believe that the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot. However, if you just want to be in close proximity to the water without the added responsibilities, you could still find beautiful waterfront homes for sale in nearby areas. We recommend talking with your REALTOR and family members to decide the best option for you. 

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