Spotlight City: Why We Love the Homes in Exeter, NH

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living in Exeter New Hampshire

Located in Rockingham County, Exeter, New Hampshire offers suburban living with a short drive to the coast and Portsmouth, NH. This seacoast town provides residents a walkable and beautiful downtown with scenic views of the Squamscott River. With a diverse population around 15,000 people, young families, millennials, and seniors alike call Exeter, NH home.

Just about an hour car ride to Boston, MA to the south and Portland, ME to the north, it makes for a very convenient home base.

 In true New England fashion, towns are riddled with historical importance, and Exeter is no exception. Established in 1638, Exeter, NH served as New Hampshire’s Revolutionary War Capitol. Abraham Lincoln gave a speech at the Exeter Town Hall as part of his “Cooper Union” speaking tour. Lincoln’s son Robert also attended the local school in Exeter, Phillips Exeter Academy. George Washington was also another notable guest of Exeter, NH, staying at the Folsom Tavern, still standing today, on his way through town. Exeter has an elaborate and interesting history just waiting to be explored by residents and tourists. You can dig deeper into the town’s history at the American Independence Museum on Water Street - this museum is even home to one of the rare original versions of the Declaration of Independence. So to say this town is a history buff’s dream would be an understatement.


Around Town:

Exeter, New Hampshire is filled with things to do, from outdoor activities to shopping and eating local around town. Multiple local festivals happen in Exeter all throughout the year - including a residential favorite, the Beer and Chili Festival held every year on the first Saturday of October.

Many outdoor activities are to be had around town, whether it’s walking, running or biking downtown, or exploring one of the many trails to indulge in the local beauty. In the summer months on Monday nights, Exeter blocks off the streets around the bandstand for residents to enjoy concerts. The summer is also filled with farmers markets, festivals and outdoor community movie nights. And those activities don’t even touch the favorable pastimes of the water activities. Kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, and just enjoying the surrounding beaches has been a draw for a lot of people looking for real estate in Exeter, NH.


living in Exeter New Hampshire

Another draw to the Exeter area is the school system, with a great public school system families are flocking to put down roots. In addition to the public school system, Exeter is home to one of the most prestigious private schools in the world, Phillips Exeter Academy. With students coming from six out of the seven continents (no offense Antarctica), this establishment is very well known for it’s top notch education, 100% graduation rate, and notable faculty and students.   


Fast Facts:  

  • Exeter, New Hampshire covers 19.8 square miles
  • The town was once the domain of the Squamscott people, a sub-tribe of the Pennacook nation.
  • On July 4, 1693, 35 freemen of Exeter signed the Exeter Combination that established their own government.
  • According to former governor Hugh Gregg, the United States Republican Party was born in Exeter, NH in 1853 at the Squamscott Hotel at a secret meeting of abolitionists.


Housing Scoop:

When looking for homes for sale in Exeter, NH there are a lot of questions that pop up, like the average home cost, types of homes available, so on and so forth. The median home value in Exeter is $345,500 or $252 per square foot, lower than Boston-Cambridge-Newton Metro of $282 per square foot. The cost may be a little high, but real estate in Exeter New Hampshire has been growing rapidly in popularity.


Styles of homes vary in this town, although the town has a rich history with historical buildings still standing, they also have some new construction and modern homes to choose from. Some homes on the market today date back all the way to 1835 and some are being constructed right now, it’s just all up to personal preference and what you as a buyer are looking for.


If you’re actively looking or just starting out on your search, get in touch with us at Verani Realty, your trusted and motivated realtors in Exeter, NH! Start browsing for homes in Exeter, New Hampshire online today - see something you like? Give a Verani REALTOR® a call today!

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