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Atkinson is a small and quiet town located in the southern region of New Hampshire. This community-oriented town is home to just under 7,000 residents and is the perfect mix of suburban living tied with close accessibility to large city amenities. Just 27 miles outside of New Hampshire’s largest city of Manchester, NH, Atkinson has been a popular town for families and individuals to lay down roots. Before searching for real estate in Atkinson, NH, we’ve gathered some information on the town, it’s history, and what the housing market looks like. So if you’re considering buying a home in Atkinson, keep reading!


Atkinson, NH History:

The town of Atkinson, NH covers a little over 11 square miles and dates all the way back to the American Revolution. Incorporated in 1767, Atkinson is one of the state’s most historical towns. Named after a local landowner, Colonel Theodore Atkinson, the town has remained a historically significant spot in New Hampshire. Home to Atkinson Academy, the second-oldest co-educational school in the county, originally founded as an all-boys academy in 1787, but started admitting girls soon after in 1791. In 1802 the school burnt to the ground but was quickly rebuilt in 1803, and that building still stands today as part of the school. Other historical locations around town include, the Atkinson Historical Society, the Kimball Public Library, and the Rockwell School (current police station).

The winding road of Main Street is a historic and beautiful road located in the middle of town, a popular location for home buyers. A road so picturesque, it was recently adopted as one of New Hampshire’s scenic byways.


Homes for Sale in Atkinson, NH:

Buying real estate in Atkinson, NH has quickly jumped in popularity due to the small town living and its proximity to surrounding towns and larger cities. Homes for sale in Atkinson, NH vary in size and style - but there is something that can fit every lifestyle. With Atkinson’s deep American history, there are few historic and charming homes on the market. Ranging in age, each home comes with its own story, charm and character, perfect for the history buffs and someone who likes something a little more unique. If older homes don’t interest you as much, Atkinson is also filled with newer builds, equipped with modern floor plans, updated features, and the ability to put your own stylistic stamp on it. No matter the style, age, or size, Atkinson has a lot of great options to choose from. The average home value in Atkinson is around $381,000.


Fast Facts:

  • The Kimball House Museum served as a medical office and a town library before becoming a museum.
  • Brad Delp, the lead singer of the band Boston, lived in Atkinson, NH.
  • Atkinson lies fully within the Merrimack River watershed
  • Rebuilding Atkinson Academy in 1803 cost a total of $2,500.


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