Selling Your Home in Concord, NH? Find the Right Realtor

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New Hampshire’s vibrant capitol city of Concord, NH has gained popularity amongst home buyers due to its history, local amenities such as shopping and dining, and community atmosphere.


Concord spans 67.5 square miles and home to just under 43,000 residents. With the median home value around $248,000, Concord, NH with 50 days on the market on average. This hot market in Concord, NH is due to its affordability, amenities, and its proximity to neighboring cities and towns. Concord is about a 20-minute drive from New Hampshire’s largest city of Manchester, NH, 46 miles from Portsmouth, NH’s most popular seacoast town, and 68 miles from Boston, MA.


Finding top realtors in Concord, NH can be a little overwhelming and selling your home can be stressful so it’s understandable to want the very best in the business. When looking for a realtor in Concord to sell your home, it’s important that they answer all of the following questions before diving into business with them:


  • Are they licensed in New Hampshire?
  • Do they have any sales statistics or testimonials from past clients they can showcase?
  • Do they have experience and knowledge about your area, neighborhood, and market?
  • Do they have a marketing strategy to get your home sold?
  • Do they use a professional photographer to gather photos of your property, or will they use their phone?
  • Do they come from a reputable brokerage?
  • Do they have a pool of resources? I.e. other Realtors, lenders, stagers, etc.


If your Realtor can answer those questions with confidence, that’s the first step to finding a top realtor in Concord! The next step is actually fully dependent on you and your personality, needs, and goals. Your Realtor needs to compliment you and the home you’re trying to sell. So ask yourself this: Do you like this person? Are they easy to communicate with? Do they take the time to answer all of your questions, big or small? Do they get back to you in a timely manner? Buying and selling real estate is a lot more than a transaction, it’s an investment and if you’re unsure if your Realtor is a good match, it might serve you well to interview other candidates.


Why not make one of those potential candidates us! Verani Realty has a vast pool of licensed, friendly professionals who listen to your needs, exercise your requests, and put a proven plan in place to put you on a path to a successful real estate transaction, whether you’re buying or selling a residential or commercial property here in New Hampshire.


Contact us today and feel free to ask us anything! When you’re ready to go, we’re ready to show you around. Learn more about choosing one of our real estate agents to help you buy, or sell/list, a home in New Hampshire state.

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