Moving to a Retirement Community? Your Guide to Selling Your Home

Verani Realty

Making the decision to sell your home isn’t always an easy one and can be stressful and
overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Once you have made the decision to move, you might
find yourself asking “how do I sell my home?” So, here’s your complete guide on how to sell
your home in New Hampshire.

1. Connect with your local Verani agent.
First things first, enlist the help of a Verani agent. They are knowledgeable in the current real
estate market and know how to make the buying and selling process as stress free as possible.
A real estate agent will be responsible for creating the paperwork, marketing your home, and
much more. Some agents even specialize in helping senior citizens make the transition to a 55+
2. Make any necessary repairs.
This won’t be necessary for every person moving to a retirement community, but it can be
useful, especially if you’ve lived in the home for many years. Making a few small repairs or upgrades can actually increase your home’s value and make selling your home in New
Hampshire easier. You may also end up with more money in your pocket.
3. De-personalize your house.
If you’ve lived in your house for many years, you likely have a sentimental attachment to it. De-
personalizing your home will help you get prepared for moving to your new home in a retirement
community. It also gives potential buyers the opportunity to imagine their own belongings in the
house and the memories they’ll create in the home. You might also want to consider hiring
someone to stage your home.
4. List your home.
Your real estate agent will help you come up with an appropriate sale price for your house, and
will schedule all the showings and open houses. Remember, you are in control of when people
are able to see your house, so it can coincide with your schedule.
5. Closing day - look forward to the new memories ahead.
Once your real estate agent helps you choose the best offer, and closing day approaches, it’s
time to get ready for the new memories ahead. Remind yourself of the amenities your new
home has to offer and make a plan on how you will get involved in the community!
Ready to make a change? We’re here to help guide you through. Call your local Verani agent to
discuss your next steps, or visit for more information!

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