Northern Massachusetts vs. Southern New Hampshire: Which is Right for You?

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It’s been a long-standing debate with home buyers: Northern Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire...which fits my lifestyle best? Although close in proximity and amenities, there are some large differentiators between the two locations that could make all the difference when making this choice. There are many towns that make up northern MA and southern NH but we’ve narrowed down to a list a few popular Northern MA and Southern NH towns.


Northern MA:

  1. Tyngsboro, MA: Located in northern Middlesex County, Tyngsborough is home to over 12,000 residents. Spanning over 18 square miles, this small town serves as a suburb outside its neighboring cities of Nashua, NH and Lowell, MA. Homes for sale in MA typically run a little pricier than NH towns, and the average home price in Tyngsboro is around $399,000. Although pricey for some, it still comes in under the state home price average of $408,000, so a little more affordable than some towns in MA. Tyngsboro is also home to a good school district and great safety ratings, making it a great place to put down roots and raise a family.

            Distance to Manchester, NH: 22 miles

            Distance to Boston, MA: 40 miles

  1. Methuen, MA: Situated in Essex County, Methuen, MA is sprawled across 23 miles and is home to over 50,000 residents. This urban area is home to a lot of stores, restaurants, outdoor activities, and entertainment making it a great spot for a young professionals, families, and active individuals. Homes in Methuen, MA are a little more affordable than our previous town of Tyngsboro. With median home prices averaging around $355,000, it’s a little more cost friendly for those staying within a budget. Methuen, MA prides itself on being one of the most diverse suburbs in the state, ranking #13 for “Most Diverse Suburb in MA” and #39 for “Most Diverse Place to Live in MA” on

Distance to Manchester, NH:

Distance to Boston, MA: 30 miles

  1. Salisbury, MA: Nestled on the shorelines of the Atlantic Ocean, Salisbury is a popular seacoast town in Essex County in Northern MA. Lying on the border of New Hampshire, Salisbury is home to over 9,000 residents spanning just under 18 square miles. This small town is known for its beachy boardwalk full of shops, restaurants, cafes, entertainment, and some of the best ocean views. Although a busy area in the summer months, this quaint town is fairly quiet in the off season making it a great place to call home. Median home prices in Salisbury, MA average around $370,000 which is more affordable compared to other MA beach towns. With tons of local amenities, proximity to the beach and NH border, Salisbury could be a great place to call home.

Distance to Manchester, NH: 43 miles

Distance to Boston, MA: 41 miles

  1. Tewksbury, MA: Located in Middlesex County, Tewksbury, MA is a popular Boston suburb that is home to over 30,000 residents spanning a little over 21 square miles. Within the town limits you can find a ton of local restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, parks, and entertainment. Many young professionals call Tewksbury home as it’s a short commute to the capitol of Boston,MA. With home prices averaging around $422,000, it is the most expensive northern MA town on our list. However with its location and amenities it has been and will continue to be a popular MA town.

Distance to Manchester, NH: 41 miles

Distance to Boston, MA: 24 miles   


Southern NH:

  1. Salem, NH: Situated in Rockingham County, Salem, NH is the first town you find when you cross over from MA to NH on I93. Home to over 28,000 residents and spanning just under 26 square miles, Salem, NH is a popular spot to shop, dine, and enjoy the local entertainment. Salem, NH is a rapidly growing in popularity and a lot of MA residents pop up to shop in Salem to take advantage of the no sales tax in NH. Average home prices in Salem, NH are around $353,000, not too far off from the Northern MA home prices we looked at above.

Distance from Manchester, NH: 23 miles

Distance from Boston, MA: 34 miles

  1. Nashua, NH: Located in Hillsborough County, Nashua, NH is the second largest city in the state. Spanning just under 32 square miles, over 89,000 people call this city home. Sitting on the border of Massachusetts, a draw to Nashua, NH is the location and the amenities. With a ton of local restaurants, shopping centers, coffee shops, and a high traffic downtown area, Nashua is a great place for young professionals, active individuals, and growing families. The average home price in Nashua, NH is approximately $292,000, making it an affordable option for those sticking to a budget.

Distance to Manchester, NH: 20 miles

Distance to Boston, MA: 47 miles

  1. Hampton, NH: Nestled alongside the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Rockingham County lies Hampton, NH. Home to about 10,000 residents and only covering 15 square miles, this small beach town has been a popular spot for tourists and vacation home-owners. Bustling in the summer months you can find a variety of things to do both on land and sea. When the cooler months roll in the crowds fade away and the residents are left with a quiet beach, local restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Home prices in Hampton, NH average around $382,000.

Distance to Manchester, NH: 37 miles

Distance to Boston, MA: 46 miles

  1. Windham, NH: Windham, NH is a small suburban town in Rockingham County that is home to over 13,000 people. Covering over 27 square miles, Windham, NH offers an abundance of local restaurants and dining, cafes, parks, and shopping. Lying approximately 3 miles north of the Massachusetts border, Windham has grown in popularity with young professionals and growing families. Due to that popularity, home prices are a little higher in Windham, coming in at an average of about $438,000.

Distance to Manchester, NH: 20 miles

Distance to Boston, MA: 37 miles


When deciding between southern NH vs northern MA, it really boils down to your lifestyle and what state would fit you and your needs best. Homes for sale in Southern NH seem to have a little lower of an average home prices, while homes for sale in Northern MA may have a higher price tag but seem to have a few more amenities around. When it comes to living in Massachusetts vs New Hampshire, there is no clear winner. Both states offer their own unique pros and cons, and having experienced both, the pros do outweigh the cons. It’s all up to what fits your lifestyle, needs, and goals best.


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