Your Guide to the New Hampshire Real Estate Market

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The New Hampshire real estate market has held a steady increase since 2012 in median sale price and number of sales. With all the amenities New Hampshire has to offer, the popularity in home buying has increased, in fact, the length of time the average home stays on the market has fallen every year since 2012. Like any state, New Hampshire has its “hot towns”, that are very sought after by many residents and home buyers. New Hampshire’s hot towns include Bedford, Windham, and Meredith, to name a few. However, with the popularity comes the price tag. We realize that these towns may not be attainable to everyone, so we’re here to provide you a list of towns that surround the “hot towns”. Giving you the affordability but the proximity to your desired area. 


Bedford, NH: 

Bedford, NH is an upscale and affluent community in New Hampshire. Bedford, NH is a popular community due to its incredible school system, suburban and community oriented feel, and the great deal of local amenities such as parks, golf courses, coffee shops and more. However, with Bedford’s popularity and amenities, it makes it expensive in the NH real estate market, with an average home price of approximately $442,000. With that said, we have some alternative towns to check out that are more affordable while still in the proximity of Bedford. 

  1. Manchester, NH: Manchester is Bedford’s neighboring town to the east and New Hampshire’s largest metropolitan city. With many amenities of its own, including golf courses, lively downtown, local shops and restaurants, Manchester has a lot to offer. Depending on where you buy in Manchester, you could be as minutes away from the Bedford town line. Especially if you focus your search in North Manchester, which borders the line of Bedford. Manchester, NH could be a great alternative to Bedford since average home prices are significantly lower at approximately $242,000. 
  2. Goffstown, NH: A neighbor to the north of both Manchester and Bedford is another alternative if you don’t enjoy the city living that Manchester offers. Goffstown, NH is a quiet suburban town filled with parks, great public schools, and a very family friendly community. This option is great for families wanting the proximity to Bedford, but still staying within a friendly budget. Average home prices in Goffstown, NH is a little higher than Manchester, but still affordable at $292,000. 
  3. Merrimack, NH: To the south of Bedford, NH lies Merrimack, NH, a suburban town home to just over 25,000 residents. Filled with local shops, restaurants, and parks, there’s something for the whole family to enjoy. With home prices averaging around $310,300, the affordability and the proximity to Bedford make it a great alternative option. 


Windham, NH:

Windham, NH lies just north of the Massachusetts border and only a 45-minute drive away from Boston, MA. With its great location, stellar schools, and family friendly community, Windham has understandably become a “hot town” in New Hampshire. However, with all the great local amenities comes a pretty hefty price tag - median home prices in Windham, NH average around $440,400. But not to worry, we have some alternative towns that offer you the affordability and proximity that you’re looking for. 

  1. Hudson, NH: Windham’s neighbor to the west, Hudson, NH is a suburban town home to almost 25,000 residents. With high quality public schools, multiple parks, and proximity to the MA border, Hudson, NH is a great town to put down some roots. The average home price in Hudson, NH is approximately $310,800 making it a more affordable option in southern NH.
  2. Salem, NH: Located on the border of Massachusetts, Salem, NH has raised in popularity over the years. With almost 30,000 residents calling Salem, NH home many young professionals and families reside there. With a bustling downtown, you can find tons of stores, restaurants, and entertainment to explore and enjoy. With median home prices averaging around $349,300 it makes a more affordable option to Windham, that is just one town over. 
  3. Pelham, NH: Windham’s neighbor to the south, Pelham, NH is a small suburban town on the New Hampshire and Massachusetts border. With just over 13,000 residents residing in Pelham, this quiet town is a great place to start and raise a family. With average home prices a little pricier than the other two options at approximately $377,900, it’s still a cheaper alternative to Windham, NH. 


Moultonborough, NH:

The quaint town of Moultonborough, NH is located in the heart of the Lakes Region in New Hampshire. A town populated by just over 4,000 residents, this quiet town is perfect for individuals who love the peacefulness of the outdoors and are looking to downsize from bigger cities. The town of Moultonborough borders both Lake Winnipesaukee, NH’s largest lake, and the smaller but still popular, Squam Lake, making the town a hot location for a lot of vacationers and potential second homebuyers. With the proximity to both lakes the price tag of homes in Moultonborough, NH average around $392,200, which can stretch the budget for someone looking for a second home. However, there are plenty of alternative towns that share the proximity to the lake but at a lower price point. 

  1. Sandwich, NH: A tasty little town off the shores of Squam Lake that is home to just over 1,000 residents. Just a short drive away from Moultonborough, as Sandwich is the neighboring town to the north. The majority of the residents of Sandwich are retirees and seasonal vacationers, so if you’re in the market for a quiet piece of paradise, Sandwich is the town for you. Average home prices have a friendlier price point at $288,900, which is significantly lower than Moultonborough. 
  2. Gilford, NH: Although not directly neighboring Moultonborough, Gilford is directly across Lake Winnipesaukee on the other coast. A town of just over 7,000 residents offers a variety of restaurants, local shops, and entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. Gilford, NH offers a rural feel with some of the most beautiful views of Lake Winnipesaukee. For potential homebuyers, the price point of homes in Gilford is a draw, with average home prices around $265,400. 
  3. Tuftonboro, NH: Nestled to the south of Moultonborough, NH on the shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee lies Tuftonboro, NH. Home to approximately 2,100 residents, Tuftonboro offers a rural feel with a variety of outdoor activities options. With the proximity to the lake the water activities are endless, with swimming, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, etc. Homes in this area are the priciest of the alternatives at an average of $326,000 however it is still a lower price point than Moultonborough with the same proximity. 


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