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The city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire continues to grow in popularity as more buyers want to join this eccentric community. This quaint city is lined with character, beauty and plenty of places to explore. Portsmouth is a New Hampshire gem, and this comes as no surprise to natives and tourists alike. Real estate for sale in Portsmouth, NH is a hot commodity, but many potential buyers can feel overwhelmed by the expenses of living
 n this amazing city. If you’re looking to start a life in Portsmouth or surrounding areas, there’s budget-friendly options available that allow you to live your port city dream. Let’s break down some ways to save money in the city, and options to keep in mind during your house hunt. 

Be Strategic About Location
When living in a city like Portsmouth, property value is heavily influenced by location. It can be tempting to want to live on the water in a beautiful historic home, but it’s important to be realistic if you’re keeping a tighter budget. There’s a lot of options available when looking at real estate for sale in Portsmouth, NH. For example, there’s houses on the city’s outskirts, historic homes, condos, waterfront locations and much
more. If you want to move to Portsmouth, NH on a budget, it’s cheaper to look for real estate on the outskirts of the city. Similar to other towns, everything gets more expensive when you get closer to the city center. When consulting with your
REALTOR®, be open about your price concerns. They can help find locations where pricing is more realistic, and within your budget.

Check out the West Region of Portsmouth
According to an analysis by Best Neighborhood, they found more affordable housing in Portsmouth is predominately on the West side. The most desired areas in the city are usually more expensive, and these are located closer to the city’s hot spots. While you might find housing farther away from some of your favorite places, it’s still easy to access all that Portsmouth has to offer. The city is known for its history, and there’s a lot of historic homes in the area. Real estate prices in Portsmouth, NH range depending on location, size, and house type. It’s recommended to determine your non-negotiables for potential housing, and then see how that coincides with your ideal price range.

Find Affordable Things To Do In The Area
Portsmouth offers a wide variety of activities, dining, entertainment, shopping and events. As a potential home owner, you might be concerned about building a sustainable lifestyle on a budget in Portsmouth. The city is rich in culture and history
meaning there’s plenty to explore on a low budget. It’s possible to live a lifestyle in Portsmouth without breaking the bank!

Here’s some of our recommendations. Budget-Friendly Activities
● Prescott Park: This park is one of the most popular areas in the city, and is a lovely activity to do with the entire family. Prescott Park is a ten-plus acre waterfront park that’s been a part of the community since the 1930s. You can go explore the park’s gardens in the summer, or the snowy winter wonderland in
colder seasons. It’s a great place for a picnic, and a way to explore the city on a budget.
● Moffatt-Ladd House and Garden: This historic house is a perfect way to learn more about the city of Portsmouth. It’s an affordable option, and a great place to take your kids on a guided tour. You can pay two dollar admission just to visit the
garden portion, which is a popular pitstop for locals.
● Strawbery Banke Museum: There’s a lot of museums in Portsmouth that attract visitors year-round. The Strawbery Banke Museum allows visitors to take a walk- through American history. They even provide guests the opportunity to
experience how Americans lived throughout past centuries of history

There’s a lot of diversity in Portsmouth to be explored by the entire family. Homes for sale in Portsmouth, NH allow you to live close to all the great opportunities the town has to offer. It’s important to take a look at multiple areas of town, alongside housing styles, to find an affordable option. It’s possible to live close to Portsmouth even on a budget! Spend some time exploring Portsmouth NH real estate to get an idea of different styles and neighborhoods you like. The town is filled with amazing outdoor activities and historical excursions that are affordable while letting you dive into the culture. Hopefully
these tips helped provide some comfort around moving to Portsmouth, NH on a budget!

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Portsmouth, NH or want to get started discussing some options, reach out to us here at Verani Realty. We’re your trusted and driven REALTORS® in Portsmouth and beyond. We can’t wait to start this journey with you! Spent some time browsing homes and real estate for sale in Portsmouth, New Hampshire online today.

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