2019 List of Fairs in Massachusetts

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MA Fair Season

As summer winds down another wonderful season begins, and no we’re not talking about fall. It’s fair season of course! A short but sweet season we all anticipate every year - the excitement, the fun, and the food!! Here’s a list of the fairs going on around Massachusetts this fair season.

Massachusetts is an amazing state for the whole family to live in or visit! With constant outdoor activities, events, and entertainment there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Explore all the amazing Massachusetts communities here!

Marshfield Fair

  • When: August 16th - 25th
  • Where: 140 Main St, Marshfield, MA
  • Tickets: $12 for people 6 years and over - children 6 and under are free
  • More information: marshfieldfair.org 

Cummington Fair

  • When: August 22nd - August 25th
  • Where: 97 Fairgrounds Rd, Cummington, MA
  • Tickets: Children 10 and under are free, $4 for children 10 - 15, $10 for adults, and $8 for Veterans
  • More information: cummingtonfair.com 

Three County Fair

  • When: August 30th - September 2nd
  • Where: Fairgrounds, North Hampton, MA
  • Tickets: Children under 11 and under are free, $12 for adults, $10 for seniors (discounted tickets available when you purchase tickets online)
  • More information: www.3countyfair.com  

Blandford Fair

  • When: August 30th - September 2nd
  • Where: 10 North St, Blandford, MA
  • Tickets: Children 12 and under are free, $10 for adults, $5 for seniors and veterans
  • More information: www.blandfordfair.com 

Franklin County Fair

  • When: September 5th - September 8th 
  • Where: Franklin County Fairgrounds, Greenfield, MA
  • Tickets: Children under 8 are free, $7 for adults, $6 for seniors
  • More Information: fcas.com

The Big E

  • When: September 13th - September 29th
  • Where: 1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA
  • Tickets: Children 5 and under are free, $8 children 6 - 12, $10 for adults
  • More Information: www.thebige.com

Belchertown Fair

  • When: September 20th - September 22nd
  • Where: Park St, Belchertown, MA
  • Tickets: Free
  • More Information: www.belchertownfair.com 

Topsfield Fair

  • When: October 4th - October 14th 
  • Where: 207 Boston St, Topsfield, MA
  • Tickets: $15 for admission (discounted tickets available online as well as discounted days online)
  • More Information: www.topsfieldfair.org 

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