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luxury real estate in new england

New England has some of the most sought after luxury real estate, with diverse landscapes, historical buildings and a wide variety of locations. You can find lakeside or seaside mansions, modern upscale condos, historic brownstones, or charming farmhouses with tons of acreage. No matter what your taste or location preference is, New England has the luxury home for you. 

Luxury Homes in New Hampshire:

The beautiful thing about searching for a luxury home in New Hampshire is the versatility you will experience during the search. New Hampshire prides itself on having a wide variety of landscapes covering the state, from the Seacoast, to the Lakes Region, to the mountains, to the city, you will definitely find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Some of New Hampshire’s top luxury hot spots are Hampton and Moultonborough, for obvious reasons - both popular spots on the beach and lake. Luxury homes in Hampton, NH vary quite a bit depending on where you’d like to purchase the home. If you’d like something beach front, you have a couple of options - a beach bungalow that is only steps from the sandy beaches are common to the area. This is usually smaller in size, but the location and the views make up for the space inside. Another option would be more upscale - Hampton has a coastline filled with million-dollar mansions overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With floor to ceiling windows to take in the beautiful scenery, and multiple decks to enjoy 360-degree-views at sunrise and sunset, these homes are what people dream of. If you’re looking for something a little more inland, Hampton offers some beautiful properties. Colonial style homes are very common to the area, with classic New England character in the details mixed with updated and modern designs, these homes are timeless and can accommodate a lot of different tastes. These homes usually come with a good amount of acreage, perfect for a growing family, parties with friends, or just an active dog. 

Moultonborough, NH is a picturesque lake town - running alongside the largest lake in New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee, this town has become a hot spot for vacationers and luxury home buyers alike. Luxury homes in Moultonborough can have a price tag well into the millions, but you certainly get a large bang for your buck. Mansions on the shorelines of the lake have some of the best views in the Lakes Region. With multi-level decks, plenty of lawn area for outdoor activities, docks for boats, and plenty of natural light streaming in from the huge windows, these homes are jaw droppers. 

Luxury Homes in Massachusetts:

Luxury homes in Massachusetts are some of the most stunning properties in all of New England. Varying in location, size, and style but they all have one thing in common, they’re all undeniably beautiful.

Massachusetts is quintessential New England, with its historical architecture filled with the perfect mix of charm and modern detailing, these homes fit a lot of different tastes. Location is also a factor when purchasing in Massachusetts, depending on where you’d like to buy will determine the style of home that is common to that area. If you’re looking for city living in Boston, you will find a lot of upscale and modern apartments, townhomes and brownstones. 

Massachusetts has a lot of amazing and popular beach towns, for example Cape Cod, or as locals refer to it “The Cape”. Cape Cod has some incredible properties in its town limits. A popular style in Cape Cod is no other than the Cape style. A symmetrical design that’s arranged around an open floor plan living space. With a steeply pitched roof and weathered shingles these homes are the epitome of classic beach town homes. Luxury homes in Cape Cod can soar into the millions but the space, acreage, and beach views you get with it, pay for itself everyday. 

Luxury Homes in Maine:

Maine has two very distinctive landscapes, woodland and coastal, so luxury homes in Maine will vary depending on where you choose to buy. Maine shoreline is a whopping 3,478 miles long, 51 miles longer than the state of California, making a lot of ocean properties available. A popular beach town in Maine is York, ME, . Situated along the southern coast of Maine. With stunning views of the rocky coastline of the Atlantic Ocean in one of Maine’s most beautiful villages, these properties are some drool-worthy homes. With wrapping porches to capture the outdoor beauty from every angle, large yards to enjoy parties and outdoor activities, and so much character and classic detailing all throughout the home. Luxury homes in York, Maine can reach well into the multi-millions, however for these timelessly beautiful properties with views that people dream about, we think it’s worth the sticker shock.

If you’re looking to be on the inland parts of Maine, there are a lot of beautiful properties both in the woods and on a variety of lakes. Historical farm homes are common to the inner lands of Maine, with a ton of acreage to farm, raise animals, garden, and even then still have some left over. Although historical, a lot of these luxury farm homes have a lot of updated features and designs. With the historical and charming elements perfectly conserved, the modern features and updated touches work perfectly together making it understatedly stunning. 

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