How to Downsize from Your Current NH Home in 2022

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How to Downsize from Your Current NH Home in 2022


Are you asking yourself, should I downsize my home? The market today is unpredictable, but many people are questioning if they should sell their homes at a lucrative rate and settle down in a smaller space. Maybe your children recently went to college, or you want to prepare for retirement with a low-maintenance home. Luckily if you are considering downsizing, there are beautiful New Hampshire homes for sale. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about how to downsize your NH home in 2022.


Should I Downsize my Home?: The Benefits of Downsizing in 2022

                Downsizing your home can demand certain compromises since you’ll be in a smaller space. However, it can also be a major stress reliever since you have less square footage to clean, maintain, and decorate. Most importantly, you’ll most likely cut down your monthly mortgage payments, property tax bills, and maintenance costs in New Hampshire.

                If you’re at a time in your life where you just have too much space, downsizing your New Hampshire home is a great idea. It allows homeowners to allocate their time and money elsewhere, while still enjoying typical amenities. Additionally, downsizing creates more opportunities to live in your dream community. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to live in a certain New Hampshire city, this may be the perfect time to find smaller New Hampshire homes for sale.


What To Expect From the Real Estate Market While Downsizing

                The Real Estate market is still greatly benefiting sellers. Since prices are on the rise, you may be able to get a good pay-off on your current home. As a result, it will be easier to afford a quality, downsized home to call your own. If you walk away and buy a comparable house, you probably won’t end up with much profit. However, by downsizing, you can be smart with your finances and keep more money in your pocket from the previous home sale. Interest rates and inflation are predicted to keep going up this year, but with a smaller budget for a downsized home, you should still be able to afford a great home. For anyone that may want to downsize, now may be a great time to continue with next steps in 2022.


Should I Sell My Home? Explore New Hampshire Home for Sale

                If you have been considering selling your home for some time, and downsizing to a smaller place, don’t let the market discourage you. On the other hand, if you’re financially comfortable in your house and on the fence about having less space, you may want to take some time to think it through. Talking out your options with a real estate professional can also help you in the decision making process. Interest rates are on the rise but since you’ll make more on your larger home, there’s plenty of opportunities to shop smaller real estate within your budget.

                Scope out some areas that you may be interested in around the New Hampshire area, and compare price points of smaller homes. Depending on the region you’re considering, you may decide that there’s a lot to be gained by selling right now. There are definitely certain areas where you can find smaller property at a good rate. The best thing to do is consult a professional REALTOR® that has the expertise to guide you through different regions, price points, and real estate opportunities.

How to Downsize in 2022?: Take Advantage of Rates Before They Climb Too High

                Right now many homeowners are able to sell their homes for more than it’s worth, and depending on your relocation area, small homes can be found at an affordable rate. It’s an ideal time to take action before prices, inflation, and interest rates climb any higher. As always, it’s still important to think things through to make sure you’re making the best choice for your financial standing and future.


Are you wondering if you should downsize your home in 2022? Contact us today, your trusted and knowledgeable Verani Realty REALTORS®. We can guide you through the best available options, with access to prime locations of New Hampshire homes for sale. Call your local Verani agent or visit for more information.

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