How to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal This Spring

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how to boost your curb appeal this spring

Spring has sprung! As we come out of the bitter New England winter and transition into warmer weather, it’s time to get excited about sprucing up our homes for summer again. Whether you’re preparing to sell or just want to add some curb appeal to make your house a welcoming home, we have some great spring tips for you!


  1. Freshen Up the Front Door: The front door is the focal point of your home and gives potential buyers and visitors a good idea of what to expect when they enter inside. Keep your front door inviting with a fresh coat of paint that will give it new life after a season of harsh winter weather. Add a new doorknob if yours is looking rusted or chipped. For an extra special and welcoming touch, add a spring wreath and door mat to welcome guests.


  1. Flowers: One of the best things you can do to add curb appeal to your home is add flowers. Flowers give your home a pop of color and really show that the homeowner takes care of the home. For extra charm, you can add flower boxes below the window and/or even on the front porch railings. If you don’t want to worry about installing flower boxes, you can place potted plants by your doorway and/or hang them on your front porch. 


  1. TLC for the Lawn:  Now that the season of snow and frost has come to an end, it’s time to give some TLC to your lawn so it can look its best all summer long. Tend to the bare patches that winter caused with some seeding, though you’ll want to hold off on any weed or crabgrass treatments because the chemicals kill new grass.


  1. Clean the Gutters: Chances are, you didn’t pull out your ladder and clean your gutters in the cold this past winter. With the amount of leaves, sticks and other detritus that has built up in the gutters, it’s time to give them some attention in order to prevent rainwater from spilling out of your gutters and causing leaks and flooding — especially with all the spring showers to come!


  1. Inspect the Roof: Take advantage of the sun being out and inspect your home’s roof for cracks and missing shingles and tiles. Repair any damage to keep your roof in tip-top shape and looking its best.


  1. Change Filters: A commonly forgotten seasonal maintenance to-do is making sure to switch out your home’s HVAC air filter. This will optimize the air quality in your home. While you’re changing filters, you will also want to check your water purification system to see if it also requires a new filter.


  1. Check Vents: As snow melts away from your home’s foundation, it’s a good time to check any vents along the foundation or in the attic. Look for missing or damaged screens, debris, signs of insect or rodent infestation, or other issues, and correct them before they have a chance to become bigger problems later in the season

We hope you enjoyed these tips and incorporate them into your home this spring!


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