The Importance of Real Estate Agents During the Pandemic

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how to find a real estate agent during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the housing market, sparking a surge in home sales and low inventory across the country. With the entire home selling and buying process turned upside down due to new policies and new demands, the need for a real estate agent to walk you through the process has never been greater. 

A Realtor® can help you find a home during the inventory crisis 

Homes are selling faster than ever before. Low mortgage rates and high demands have caused an inventory crisis in New England. The Seacoast Board of Realtor®s reports they have had the fewest active single-family listings ever. Homes in New Hampshire priced under $300,000 are especially hard to come by. To paint an even clearer picture of the crisis, there were about 18,500 homes sold last year; currently, however, there are only about 900 active listings!  

On average, homes are now selling within 33 days- which is about half the time it took a year ago. Looking for an available home and getting to it fast enough before it sells is now a full-time job. Hiring one of our knowledgeable and experienced Realtor®s can help you avoid the frustration of missing out on the home you wanted. 

Navigating the negotiations and offers process 

Along with finding a home before it’s quickly snatched off the market, is being able to navigate the negotiations process when trying to make offers. Should you offer more to ensure you make a competitive offer? What would a competitive offer be? How much can you even afford to offer? One of our Verani Realty Realtor®s can give you expert and thorough advice you need in this highly competitive market so you do not overpay or make an offer that is too low and loses you any chance of buying the home you are most interested in. 

Our Covid-19 Safety Measures and Procedures 

At Verani Realty, our commitment has always been to better the lives of our agents, clients, and community. Our agents are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to safely conduct business and to ensure everyone’s health and wellness. From marketing consultations, open houses, showings, and closings, both in person and through virtual platforms, we have implemented comprehensive safety protocols to provide the best service to our clients. Find out more about our safety measures and guidelines here

So, if you are looking to buy or sell a home, contact one of our real estate professionals today at Our agents and staff are fully committed to guiding you through these difficult times and will be happy to accommodate you. 

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