Sick of Shoveling Snow? 3 Types of New Hampshire Homes for You

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winter homes for sale in new hampshire

New Hampshire is known and loved for a lot of different reasons, one of the main draws to the Granite State is the 4 distinctive seasons. Gorgeous blooming springs, beautiful summers at the lake, stunning foliage in the fall, and snowy mountain peaks in the winter. Now that we’ve gotten into the full swing of winter, snow can be beautiful but also tough to maintain around your home. If you’re sick of shoveling snow but still want to enjoy the beauty of it, find out a few alternative home options here!



Condominiums typically consist of several owners that share ownership of a building or buildings in one development. Basically, everyone owns their own unit, but they also own an interest in the land that the development is on and the common areas of the complex. Condos can also come in a variety of styles, from high rises to free standing homes, there is something that can fit any lifestyle.

The benefit of living in a condo is that every month you pay an association fee (fees vary at each development) and those fees go towards services and maintenance, including snow removal. Making it a great alternative for buyers who are looking for real estate in New Hampshire, but wants the freedom from outdoor maintenance.



In certain situations, when renting an apartment, home, or condo, outdoor maintenance comes in the rental agreement. Meaning the landlord of your property takes care of the outdoor services. That way you are free from plowing and shoveling when mother nature decided to dump snow all throughout the winter.


City Living

Similar to both condos and renting, city living comes with the freedom from outdoor maintenance. Usually, when living in more urban areas in an apartment or high rise, the city manages the street and sidewalk clean up. Making it easy for you to enjoy the beautiful winter season with less hassle.


It’s important to consider all your homeownership options in this competitive market. Ask questions and weigh in all the factors before you limit what you’re willing to go and see with your real estate agent. Looking for an experienced agent to guide you through buying your home in New Hampshire? Search our website for agents near you.

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