Your Guide to the Dover, NH School System

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Dover, New Hampshire, a reborn mill city in Strafford County, is home to over 31,000 residents covering 29 square miles. With a more recent high-tech makeover, this city keeps its historical roots intact making it a desirable place to buy for growing families. Dover, NH also offers a great school system, making it even more appealing to families on the hunt for a NH town. If you’re considering relocating to Dover, and you’re curious about the school district, from elementary level to high school, we’ll fill you in!


Moving your family to a new town comes with a fair amount of transitions, especially on the kids end. Changing schools can be overwhelming, but luckily Dover, NH is a great school district that offers a great sports program, extracurricular activities, and a wonderful community atmosphere. According the, Dover, NH schools rank at:


  • #28 for “Best School Districts for Athletes in NH”
  • #30 for “Best School Districts in NH”
  • #37 for “Districts with the Best Teachers in NH”


The Dover school district is a public school system that has approximately 4,200 students ranging in grades from Pre-K and K-12. Small class sizes are the norm in the Dover school district, with an average student-teacher ratio of 14-1. This gives students the one on one attention they need to succeed and lets teachers understand every student and their individual needs and learning styles.


Elementary School

If you’re looking at real estate in Dover, NH and have young ones, there are a total of three elementary schools in town. Garrison School, Woodman Park School, and Horne Street Elementary School. Based on your home’s location, that will determine which elementary school your child would attend. Serving grades K-4, your child will receive a great education, socialization, and be ready to move on to the next level of schooling.


Middle School

From grades 5-8, all students will attend Dover Middle School. With opportunities to join a variety of clubs, extracurricular activities, and sports teams, your child can expand his/her interests and passions.


High School 

Once middle school is completed, students move up to the high school level. The Dover school system is a little different at this level. Your child will have the option either attend the traditional high school at Dover High School or attend Dover Regional Career Technical Center. Dover High School educates grades 9-12 with the standard curriculum as well as offering sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, and various programs for students to join and enjoy. The Dover Regional Career Technical Center provides students with an education that combines rigorous academic and technical study, which will prepare them for the world of work and continued education. The curriculum places an emphasis on project-based learning and offers 15 distinct technical programs allowing students the opportunity to gain certifications, licenses, and college credits. Programs such as animal science, business, culinary arts, health science, early childhood education, pre-engineering and many more.


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