7 Simple Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your New England Home this Fall

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Summer has come and gone with the temperature only cooling down more and more, however; the housing market is only heating up. Although you may have dedicated a good amount of time to sprucing up your home and adding summertime touches, we must now prepare for a whole new season. With fall comes a whole new list of to-dos for what your home needs in order to look its best, especially when it’s on or going to be on the market. Curb appeal makes a major impact on whether a potential buyer is excited about buying your home, or wants to skip the house tour altogether. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best things sellers can do to add curb appeal to their homes this fall.


  1. Spruce Up with Fall Flowers: Adding flowers specific to fall will significantly improve the curb appeal of your home. Prospective buyers will love the scent and fresh new look of the flowers. Additionally, a home on the market decorated in line with the current season reflects well on the seller- showing the buyer that you are upkeeping the home and making it welcoming and inviting. Some great flowers to plant or hang for the fall are marigolds, aster, turtleheads, mums, and sneezeweed.
  2. Clean or replace your gutters: Gutters are one aspect of your home that are easily forgotten about when they work properly, but can cause serious damage, such as interior flooding and exterior damage, without proper maintenance. In order to prepare for the increase of foliage that will inevitably fill up your gutters, give them a fresh start by cleaning them out right at the beginning of fall. Or, if needed, replace them entirely with new ones.
  3. Fill in any cracks in your driveway or pathways: Fixing any cracks in the cement or gravel areas of your home is another preventative measure that is worth the effort. Once winter hits, water will freeze and expand in the cracks and make them larger. Simply use concrete crack sealer so you don’t leave a bigger problem for your future buyer- or yourself if the house is still on the market for the winter months.
  4. Fertilize the lawn: In order to keep your lawn in tiptop shape and help the green grass come back in the springtime, fertilize your lawn this fall. Applying the fertilizer will prevent damage caused by winter. The new homebuyers will greatly appreciate that you took this extra step.
  5. Freshen Up the Front Door: A fantastic way to really up the level of your home’s curb appeal is to simply add some fresh paint to the front door- especially if you can see it from the sidewalk. Simply add a new coat of the color you already have or repaint with black or forest/moss green if you want to be on trend with the current popular front door colors at the moment. 
  6. Revamp or Buy a mailbox: Mailboxes often look worn and beat up, but giving it some new life with fresh paint or wrapping some fall foliage around the post can really make the home look put together. If you don't have a front yard mailbox, consider adding one, especially if you live in the suburbs, as it adds a touch of nostalgia and flare for a prospective buyer.
  7. Update exterior features such as lighting and address numbers: Replacing or updating out of date light fixtures and address numbers can significantly add to the overall curb appeal and value of your home. Taking an hour or so to simply spray paint them black, gold or white- or whatever color best matches the style of your home- will significantly make your home look newer and refreshed.


We hope you enjoyed these tips and incorporate them into your home this fall!  For more help on selling your home, please do not hesitate to contact Verani Realty. Our licensed REALTORS are available throughout New England to help you through the home-selling process.









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