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We know that people associate antique living or historical homes with “old” or “dated,” but we’re here to break that mold! Antique living can have some of the most stunning architectural features, charming details, and unique characteristics you will not find in modern day homes. Maine is a beautiful and historical state in the northern region of the United States. With the longest coastline in the country, Maine offers a variety of different homes on the coast as well as more inland. Antique homes in Maine are growing in popularity and we’re here to tell you why historical living is a great option to explore.


  • These homes have a story to tell - Just like this home is a part of your history, you are a part of the home’s history. Antique homes have had a long history of owners all with their own individual stories. Being a part of history can be a very exciting thing. 
  • Keep the history alive - In an era of technology, new advances, and an ever-changing world, there’s something special about being able to preserve something that has stood the test of time. Being able to add your personal touches, renovate its interior, and keep up with the necessary repairs and updates it needs, all while preserving the home, lets you breathe fresh air into a historic treasure.  
  • Charm, charm, charm - stepping foot inside an antique home in Maine is a bit like stepping back in time. Big antique door knockers greet you at the door, intricate details follow you through the home in crown molding, built-ins, staircase banners, and more. Half the fun of owning a historical home is noticing a new detail every day. 
  • Variety of styles - Cookie cutter homes are becoming the norm, and for those who want something unique, a historical home is for you. Antique homes in Maine offer a wide variety of styles, from Victorians, Colonials, Mid-Century, and many more. All with stunning architectural styles, it’s all about what will suit your lifestyle.
  • Perfection is not real -  A home with quirks and loads of personality is what keeps a home interesting. Having a home that is considered “perfect” is one that seems like a museum, clean and sterile with everything in its place. With antique homes, these homes have been lived and loved in. Warm homes that have a more welcoming atmosphere can keep any resident happy. 


If you’re actively looking to buy an antique home in Maine, get in touch with us at Verani Realty, your trusted and driven realtors in Maine. Or, start browsing historical homes for sale in Maine online. When you’re ready to make a move, we’re ready to show you the best antique homes that are available on the market today.


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