Verani Realty’s Windham Office Donates $500 Worth of Heating Oil to Veterans

Verani Realty

Verani's Windham Office Donates $500 Worth of Heating Oil to Veterans

Contribution to B &H Oil supports fund dedicated to helping veterans with fuel costs

As New England has been toughing it out through another winter of bitter cold and snow, some households have to make difficult decisions between heating costs and basic needs. Verani Realty’s Windham office recently donated $500 to B&H Oil Company, which has a fund dedicated to helping veterans in need stay warm.

The donation was funded through the office’s continued efforts to be active and engaged in their community. This past fall, Verani held a food drive contest among its offices, with a grand prize of $500 for the office with the highest participation rate to donate to the cause of their choice. Windham won handily with agents donating an average of 15 items each.

“With the extremely low temperatures we’ve already seen this year, helping fellow Granite State residents heat their homes was an obvious choice,” said Debbie Paone, regional manager of Verani’s Windham office. “We donated to B&H Oil last year so they could help families in need, and we’re happy to donate again this year and support local veterans.”

VeraniCARES is Verani’s social development arm. Agents and staff raise funds to support their local communities through donations, and Verani offers to match up to $10 per sales commission or donation. Click here to learn more about VeraniCARES.

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