VeraniCARES: Food Drive to Aid Those Affected by the Gas Line Explosion

Verani Realty

With a passion and a dedication to their communities and surrounding areas, the entire team at Verani Realty is always quick to jump in when the town and residentsVeraniCARES food drive are in a state of need. With the recent gas line explosion that has affected over 8,000 homes throughout the Merrimack Valley, specifically Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, it was a no-brainer that their help was needed. With North Andover being a hub for Verani Realty staff and agents, many were ready and eager to lend a helping hand. VeraniCARES, Verani Realty’s philanthropic program, set up a food and monetary collection to aid the communities in need. 

On top of the hundreds of non-perishable goods collected, Verani Realty agents reached out to their family of clients and fellow brokers to work alongside them in volunteering at the Lazarus House in Lawrence, MA. The Lazarus House opened their doors in 1983 welcoming families and individuals in their time of need as an emergency homeless center in Massachusetts. Assisting the needs of the people in their community, the Lazarus House has helped break the cycle of poverty in their region. Their food and clothing programs help provide for families and individuals who have fallen on hard times, especially now, in leu of the recent gas line disaster. The Lazarus House also provides housing for members of their community without a place to go, a safe space away from the cold and dangerous streets. With the current state of the Merrimack Valley Region, the Lazarus House has seen an influx in community need as well as outreach and volunteers. For more information on the Lazarus House or how you can get involved visit:

Verani Realty's North Andover’s regional manager Charlie Zappala spoke out about recent efforts stating “we wanted to do something for the area residents that were negatively affected by the recent developments. We struck up an initial conversation with Lazarus House who are currently supplementing over 900 residents’ groceries – a number that has increased based on what has happened in our communities.” In light of what happened right in Verani Realty’s back yard, it was crucial to help in any way possible. The food drive has been extended to the end of October to collect as much non-perishable items as possible for the residents of the Merrimack Valley Region. Verani Realty will also be setting up a VeraniCARES Bear in front of the North Andover office to accept food and monetary donations. On top of that, the agents of Verani Realty have been donating portions of their own commissions to VeraniCARES, accumulating $5,000 to go to the Lazarus House. Zappala mentioned his ultimate goal is reaching $10,000 in total to go to the cause.

Zappala later said “If you need help all you have to do is ask and [The Lazarus House is] there. So, we felt it was best to be there for them and to lend a helping hand and assist them in their invaluable community-first efforts.” 

Businesses large and small are nothing without the support of the community - so when the community needs that support back, it's crucial to extend a helping hand. Verani Realty is committed to being a good neighbor, in times both good and bad. Helping someone in need, in any way possible, never holds any regret. 

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