From Farmhouse to Tudor: 7 Types of Homes for Sale in NH

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types of homes for sale in new hampshire

With the many types and styles of homes for sale in NH today, it’s easy for prospective home buyers to get overwhelmed. The team of NH real estate agents at Verani Realty can take you through the specific features of some of the most popular types of homes available for sale in New Hampshire.

American Craftsman

  • What is it? A design style born out of the American Arts and Crafts Movement with roots in the late 1800s and a shift toward making homes more functional for the new and growing middle class families of the time.
  • History: A contrast to the eclectic and heavily-decorated Victorian aesthetic, this home type moves away from now-outdated servants quarters and incorporates easy sight lines from the kitchen to dining and living area.
  • Architectural features: Low-pitched roof lines with a gabled or hipped roof; deep overhanging eaves; exposed rafters or decorative brackets under the eaves; front porch beneath an extension of the main roof; 4-over-1 or 6-over-1 double-hung windows; mixed materials; hand crafted stone and woodwork.
  • How it feels: Original, simple in form, inclusive of local and natural materials, with built-in storage and functional spaces, and lots of hand crafted details. If you’re looking for an original, built-in breakfast nook, you’ll likely likely find one here.
  • Similar styles: American Foursquare; Bungalow.
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  • What is it? A low, broad, single or two-story frame building with a moderately steep gabled roof, large central chimney, and a few variations based on window and dormer placements. Built to withstand harsh winters, the central chimney and low ceilings help conserve heat, while the steep pitch of the roof minimizes snow and ice accumulation.
  • History: Originated in New England in the 1800s, this iconic and classic style of architecture remains a popular home style thanks to a revival in the 1930s-1950s and ample affordable inventory. New homes and vintage revivals help keep this style a popular one.
  • Unique features: Today, one and two-story Capes are a popular and affordable style for home buyers and feature shutters, dormers, multi-paned windows, shingled exteriors, and an intimate feel.
  • Also look for: Cape Cod
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  • What is it? Think two stories, symmetrical design, gables, chimneys, box-shaped homes covered in clapboard siding.
  • History: This home type is associated with the colonial period in the United States and is heavily influenced by English techniques as well as traditions colonists brought with them from different parts of Europe. Post WWII, people began to merge colonial design elements with the then-popular ranch-style house design, introducing elaborate front doors and other decorative elements to the style.
  • Unique features: Modern homeowners have updated this traditional style to include decorative moldings, wood and stone enhancements, and variations on the box-like footprint.
  • Other types to consider: French Colonial, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Georgian; Saltbox.
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  • What is it? A home style that may or may not have been a real working farm at some point in its history, a farmhouse is an iconic piece of the NH landscape. Wooden slats, big kitchens, and lots of room for customization are a few of the common elements found in this type of home.
  • History: Designed for functionality, American farmhouse style homes lack the Gothic, Victorian, and Swiss influences seen in Canada and Europe. By the 1900s, farmhouses could be purchased as kits. Today, as revitalized buildings or new construction, farmhouses boast room for large families in adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Unique features: Simple, rectangular floor plan built with local materials; large, centrally-located fireplace for cooking and heating; large, unenclosed front porch; high ceilings.
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Log cabin

  • What is it? A rustic housing style with roots in Scandinavia, it was brought to New England in the early 17th century, where colonists and Native Americans adopted the style.
  • History: The first American log homes appeared on the market in 1920s with pre-cut logs that are easier to assemble. Handcrafted or pre-fabricated log houses were exported from Norway until about 1920.
  • Unique features: The type of log used in a home is a defining characteristic, with homeowners choosing from d-shape logs, full-round logs, square logs, and Swedish Cope logs, all with different profiles lending unique outer appearance.
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  • What is it? An American residential design that rose to popularity as U.S. population boomed, causing a surge of new ranch style homes in many parts of the country. A simple and unpretentious design, the ranch is now the target of preservationist movements and renewed interest from those looking for affordable and easy-to-navigate homes.
  • History: When first introduced in the 1920s, ranch style homes melded modernist styles with open concepts to create informal and casual living styles. Later revitalizations of the home and its popularity during the post-war middle class in the 1940s to 1970s helped broaden floor plans, materials, and other aspects to create more unique properties.
  • Unique features: Long, low profile; open layout; large windows; and many variations between basic and informal design and more dramatic features, depending on when the home was built. Asymmetrical, rectangular, L-shaped or U-shaped floor plans; attached garages; sliding glass doors opening onto a patio; exteriors that include stucco, brick, wood, and stone.
  • Also look for: Raised ranch, a two-story house with a finished basement that serves as an additional floor, where you must walk a flight of stairs to get to the main living area; split level homes, and bungalows.
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  • What is it? This Renaissance Revival style harkens to ornate, stately buildings of 1500-1560 and Medieval England, and has been adapted extensively to meet the needs of residential and community buildings.
  • History: In the 1800s, people combined Gothic, Tudor and Elizabethan elements to revive the classic Tudor style common in Europe. The Breakers in Rhode Island is a lavish, yet classic, example of the style.
  • Unique features: Expect E or H shaped floor plans in more ornate homes of this style or simpler square or rectangular plans in more modest examples; brick and stone masonry (sometimes with half timbers on upper stories); small rectangular windows coupled with large, decorative windows; classical accents; large chimneys and fireplaces; dramatic staircases.
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