Top 5 New Hampshire Towns for Young Professionals

best place to live in new hampshire for young people

New Hampshire is becoming a booming region for young professionals, especially if you want to live near cities without the hassle of traffic and high prices. Residents can enjoy all four seasons while residing in close proximity to everything the Granite state has to offer. If you are a younger individual looking to advance your career in a lively, bustling location, you’ll want to check out real estate in New Hampshire cities.

In this article, we will cover the top 5 New Hampshire towns for young professionals. Keep reading to learn more about the best places to live in New Hampshire!

#1. Portsmouth 

According to Niche, Portsmouth is the second best place to live in New Hampshire and the number one city for young professionals. Many residents are calling Portsmouth the new Boston, as it has a lower population with a similar amount of activities, entertainment and nightclubs. 

Locals say that they are able to find everything they need within a five minute radius. Restaurants and pubs are usually open late, inviting a younger demographic after hours. The community is welcoming and high-spirited, making it a great place to settle down and lay some roots. 

#2. Dover

Young professionals in New Hampshire are flocking to Dover in recent years, ranking it as the second best place to live in the region for a younger demographic. Dover has a great balance between a fun city and a quaint suburban town. Residents say that it feels small enough to be personable, yet there is always something fun to do. If you want to be in close range to major cities, Dover is a great location and can be less intimidating for younger individuals looking to relocate. 

#3. Lebanon

Lebanon ranks as the third best place to live in New Hampshire for young professionals. According to Niche, it’s also the fourth most diverse town in the state. This small town has a dense suburban feel with a good mix of culture, local dining and outdoor activities. 

Most residents drive their car around, however, there is also a Dartmouth Coach that is fairly affordable for transportation to New York City and Boston. If you enjoy a calm environment and beautiful outdoor scenery, Lebanon may be a great location to check out real estate in New Hampshire. 

#4. North Conway

North Conway is a very well-loved small town of around 2,500 residents. There are a lot of family-owned businesses in the area, and the school systems are well-acclaimed. If you are a young professional in New Hampshire that enjoys getting involved with local communities, restaurants, and events, North Conway is a great destination. 

#5. Newmarket 

Newmarket is a small town located right next to Durham, welcoming a demographic of people from various backgrounds and ages. Many residents own their homes in the area, and it’s a great location for anyone looking to start a small business. 

People enjoy the small town charm of Newmarket, and many entrepreneurs find themselves relocating here to settle down in a suburban area. This is a great town for anyone that wants to grow professionally while connecting with a supportive community. 

While there are many amazing cities and towns in the Granite state, these are just a few of the top locations for young professionals in New Hampshire. Whether you live in the area or are looking to relocate, there is so much real estate in New Hampshire to explore. We recommend you do your research and take some day trips to explore a city that fits your lifestyle and professional goals. 

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