Top Five Things That Can Make Buyers Hate Your Home

Giovanni Verani

messy closetIf you have your home listed for sale, you probably are anticipating an excellent offer from a qualified buyer to come in any day now. Your Realtor may have made suggestions to you to help your home show better and spur buyer interest in your property. But, if you are like many homeowners, you may have chosen not heed their good advice.

Sellers often do several things that hurt their chances of selling their home. They do so without even thinking it makes any difference. But certain things do matter when it comes to homebuyers. Here are the top 5 things you may be doing that make buyers hate your home, rather than fall in love with it.

  1. Fail to remove clutter: Particularly in the winter, when we have extra boots and coats hanging by back doors, mud on the floor, our holiday decorations still not put away, and general clutter everywhere, our home can seem smaller, cluttered and even dirty. Nobody is attracted to a cluttered space that feel like it needs a good cleaning.

  2. Fail to clean your bathrooms: You are getting the picture here; towels on the floor, toothpaste stuck on the sink and a tub that needs a good scouring. None of these things say welcome home and they can cost you potential offers. You need to make the bathrooms sparkle like you would for a special guest. Buyers are attracted to things that look well cared for, are clean, and smell fresh.

  3. Have pets loose during showings: We get it. It is their house too and you don’t want them locked up, but some buyers do not appreciate viewing a house while being concerned that Fido will bite them. Many people simply don't like being jumped on by a rambunctious furry friend either. Some buyers are allergic to cats. There are so many reasons to remove or pen up your pet during a showing, and the most important one is you are putting buyers at greater ease when you remove the pet from the situation, so they can view your home without distractions.

  4. Stuff everything into closets: I know, you did it to clean up the clutter, but buyers look in closets to determine if there is enough space for their own things. If your closets look checker-block full, your home will seem like it lacks adequate storage- a huge turn-off to potential buyers.

  5. Staying in your home during showings: This is worse than pets. It sets a mood for buyers and it is not usually a good one that will inspire offers. When a seller is present for a showing, buyers typically will feel like they have invaded someone else's home rather than view the house as potentially theirs. Buyers also tend to feel they must watch what they say during the showing if you are present. Along with clearing out clutter, dirt, and creating a neutral, blank slate for buyers as they view your home, remember to remove yourself from any showing as well.

It is easy to think of your home as so special that anyone would want it, even if it is cluttered and a bit "lived in". Truth is that buyers respond to a home that is clean, airy, and has plenty of room and storage. They like viewing the home with no distractions or uncomfortable pressure from the seller watching their every move. Buyers need to be able to take their time and picture their own belongings in each room. Ask the advice of your Realtor about making your home show well to potential buyers, and be willing to act upon the advice of a professional.

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