Moving to Kittery? 7 Must-Do Activities to Look Forward To

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Kittery, Maine’s southernmost town, is a quaint town and one of the state's most historically significant settlements. It is a charming historic town with so much to explore. From scenic views, thrilling adventures, shopping centers, and more, your choices are limitless! Kittery is an attractive vacation destination because of its proximity to Portsmouth, NH just across the Piscataqua River, and York, ME a few miles to the north. 

Here are 7 must-do activities that you shouldn't miss out on if you are planning to stop by Kittery, Maine:

  • Visit Fort McClary State Park

Kittery Point juts out as a peninsula with lovely beachfront residences and quiet coves. Seapoint Beach and Fort McClary, a 19th-century military fort that protected the mouth of the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor, can be seen in Kittery.

Fort McClary is a state historic site and museum, as well as a lovely beachfront park for a picnic. It’s named for New Hampshire Major Andrew McClary, who perished in the Revolutionary War in the Battle of Bunker Hill. After viewing the fort, take a lovely drive along Chauncey Creek near Pepperrel Cove, where you can dine at a couple of eateries off Rt 103. Kittery Point is also home to North America's oldest continuously run the family store.

  • Kittery Trading

Kittery Trading Post is likely to have whatever it is you're looking for outdoors. With various things spanning from outdoor activity to apparel and footwear, they have something for everyone. If you're passing through Kittery, this is a must-see attraction. Whether you're craving a clam or lobster roll at a roadside shack-like Chauncey Creek Lobster Pound, a waterfront restaurant like Captain and Patty's, Cajun Lobster, or a modern cafe like Anneke Jans, Kittery also has excellent restaurants to choose from. 

  • Take flight Adventures

If you crave thrilling and exciting adventures, here's one for you! They have over 65 activities that they are currently offering, taking you on an aerial adventure over suspended platforms, swings, tires, and more. Don't worry! Expert staff is there to ensure that everyone is safe. This is one thrilling experience for both kids and adults to enjoy.

  • Badger's Island and Boat Tours

The best way to see this southernmost Maine shoreline, including Pepperrell Cove, Kittery Point, and the Whaleback Light that protects the entrance to Portsmouth Harbor, is to take a cruise of Portsmouth Harbor and the Piscataqua River. Badger Island, located in the middle of the river, was the site of the construction of several essential boats many years ago.

  • Go Shopping

Vacation trips are never complete without a bit of shopping, whether for yourself or your family! This seaside town is arguably best recognized for having some of New England's best outlet shopping, from Nike factory to Sunglass Hut, along a one-mile length of Route 1, right off I-95, there are over 120 Kittery outlets. They have it all! Kittery is buzzing all year because of the Kittery Outlets. Kittery is relatively busy even in the winter, especially before Christmas when people come to do holiday shopping.

  • Tributary Brewing Company

Who doesn't enjoy a nice cold beer on vacation? In this part of the country, craft beer is trendy. An industry veteran leads the Tributary Brewing Company with more than two decades of experience. IPAs and stouts, as well as beers from Germany and Belgium, are among the featured beverages. They're available by the glass or by the jug, with the largest pitcher being 64 ounces. Some are rather potent, as you'll discover if you stop by this thirst-quenching spot on Shapleigh Road.

  • Seafari Charters

Are you looking for a water adventure? This hits the spot for you! Maine is a fisherman's paradise; you can catch bass or bluefish if you go ashore, and you can also catch halibut, haddock, pollock, or cod further out in deep water if you are lucky enough!

Scuba diving is also available from Seafari Charters' platform, with facilities and instruction available upon request. In the immediate area, there are numerous dive spots with intriguing marine life to see. If you'd rather keep out of the water, go on a whale-watching tour; this charter business has so much to offer that you might want to stay with them for a few days!

There are more on the list of fun and exciting things to do in Kittery, Maine. You will surely enjoy the incredible scenery of the seacoast along with a list of adventures that will surely make your time here worthwhile. Your experience begins now!

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