The Latest Trends in Refrigerators

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new refrigerator in kitchenIs your old model refrigerator costing you? Though you may be proud of how long your fridge has lasted – some keep running for more than 15 years – your kitchen's style and your electric bill may be two great reasons to invest in a new one.

Also know that if you are thinking of selling your home , that old refrigerator can throw off the appeal of the entire kitchen for potential buyers. Your refrigerator speaks on behalf of this most popular room of the house, and it either says, "updated and modern" or, "old and dated".

If the latter is an accurate statement, it is probably time to explore some modern new Energy Star® efficient models to bring your kitchen up-to-date.

Finding the perfect style

Refrigerators can be freestanding, built-in or cabinet-depth in design, but today they are not the simple white boxes they once were. Manufacturers are building them with new capabilities, ranging from making different shapes of ice, internal cameras to help with shopping, and even alerting you of a mechanical failure.

Here are some new styles to consider:

  • More doors! French doors for the refrigerator on top and one freezer door or drawer on the bottom, or consider even more—a new "four-door" with two side-by-side French doors for the refrigerator atop two separate slide-out freezer drawers.
  • White is back, but it doesn't mean you have to revisit the 1980's (whew). The modern take on white appliances is all about high-tech surfaces and innovative design touches. For example, Ice Collection appliances from Whirlpool have a glossy finish inspired by smartphones and include stainless steel handles for a fresh, clean look.
  • Gray is holding strong as a trendy kitchen color, and gray refrigerators are a popular alternative to stainless steel. GE Appliances' Slate collection has a dark brushed-metal finish that's actually matte and fingerprint-resistant.
  • Industrial-style kitchens are a big trend right now. Appliances are constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, come in a variety of colors, and are finished with mixed textured metals.
  • Vintage styles are making a big comeback too, with the help of companies like Big Chill, which developed its Retro appliance line as a fresh take on the hot colors of the 1950's, according to co-founder Orion Creamer. You can buy Retro fridges, ranges, microwaves, and dishwashers in eight standard colors: Beach Blue, Pink Lemonade, Cherry Red, Buttercup Yellow, Jadite Green, Black, White and Orange.

Finding what fits your needs

This means in both capacity and interior shelving design, and movability. The days of the simple crisper drawer are long gone. Today, highly-specialized storage zones make your refrigerator a precision tool. Whirlpool's PerfectPlaces™ system, for example, has nine distinct storage zones.

Interior capacity is measured in cubic feet and typically, you need four to six cubic feet per person. However, how you shop, cook, and entertain does play a role in what you will need in storage space.

  • Do you shop for groceries once every week or two? You may need a refrigerator with maximize capacity.
  • Do you entertain or host big family dinners? Think carefully about what you need to refrigerate and store for your dinner parties and what you require in shelf area for platters.
  • Do you prepare weekly meals ahead of time? Do you stock up on bread and meats and freeze for later?

Keep in mind that when you change the style of your refrigerator, you will probably want to change out other appliances to match, especially if you are going to be selling your home. This means the refrigerator's style selection can come first, but the other appliances should eventually be replaced for style uniformity.

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