The Fine Art of the Luxury Home Sale

Susanne Kimball

Luxury waterfront propertyNew Hampshire real estate agents are masters at keeping a variety of balls in the air, and on any given day, you just never know what a phone call will bring or what type of listing will walk in through the door. The coveted luxury home sale is a welcome addition to any agent’s day, especially when it’s not a typical part of their core business. If you’re buying or selling a luxury home, know that straight out of the gate, it takes a special combination of expertise, roll-up-your sleeves determination (and maybe just a hint of luck) for you and your agent to get to that incredibly rewarding finish line.

Find the right real estate agent to have in your corner.

The Granite State isn’t unique when it comes to its substantial inventory of high price-tag homes, but finding the right agent to partner with can be the magic bullet to sealing the deal sooner than later. This is especially true when luxury home sales are often distinguished by a myriad of details that must be carefully and painstakingly sorted through from start to finish. Whether it’s simply knowing the ins and outs of the market, sorting through the complicated maze of the loan approval process, or navigating inspections and appraisals, it’s imperative to have someone by your side who has the knowledge it takes to manage these specialized sales. Working with a licensed, professional agent who does their homework, is well prepared, knows the market inside and out, and caters to the needs of their buyer or seller can make all the difference.    

Not all square footage is created equal.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that higher square feet of their home automatically equals a higher price. In luxury home real estate, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The details of the property, including how well-appointed it is, often is the main driver. A 6,000-square foot home, for example, could be priced all over the map, ranging anywhere from $600,000 to $1,000,000 or more, all depending on what the property contains inside and outside its walls. Is there a swimming pool or an out building? What town is it in? Has it been updated and well kept? A skilled real estate agent will be able to educate the client on the importance and meaning of the price point from the beginning.

When it comes to inspections, patience is key.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet synchronicity of when a seller is ready to sell, and the buyer is ready to buy. But with luxury home sales in particular, be prepared to brace for the complexity that inspection time may bring. These properties can be complicated, and don’t be surprised if other testing is needed in addition to the general home inspection, especially if there is an in-ground pool, irrigation system or other significant system that need to pass muster. Savvy agents know how important it is to prepare their clients for this process – and the hefty price tags that may accompany any unfavorable results. Unlike moderately priced homes, with high end homes, any systems that require substantial repair or replacement can result in significant costs.

Never underestimate the power of the handshake.

A good agent knows there is nothing more powerful or effective in the world of real estate than the importance of cultivating relationships. Many prospective clients can stem from a business relationship, an acquaintance or an off-the-street referral that is generated from traditional marketing efforts such as sending out “just listed” or “just sold” cards. It’s all about who you know and getting your contact information out there. You’ll want an agent who is always working to dazzle with their knowledge and experience every chance they get. Chances are, if their contacts are not in the market to buy or sell now, they may be in the future, or they know someone who could be your agent’s next referral – and maybe the buyer for your luxury property.

When it comes to luxury home sales, covering all your bases is time well spent. Choosing the most knowledgeable and service-oriented real estate partner to stand by your side will make all the difference when you’re buying or selling your most precious asset.

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Susanne KimballSusanne Kimball is a licensed NH Real Estate Agent with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Verani Realty (Verani) who recently helped her client purchase their perfect million-dollar home in Bedford.  She works for a variety of clients in the Southern New Hampshire market since 2002 and her personal goal as a REALTOR® is to provide the best service she can. She believes that trust and communication is the foundation of any good real estate agent relationship. Kimball works with buyers and sellers by listening carefully to understand their real estate goals and provides the most current data on market conditions, so home shoppers and sellers can make the best choices along the way.

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