The Best Home Decor Trends Making a Major Comeback

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Similar to how clothing trends of the past make a revival in modern fashion, recent home design and decor trends have given new life to previously outdated vintage and retro styles. 

Here’s our list for the Best Home Decor Trends Making a Major Comeback

Colorful Appliances

When the 2000s era hit, stainless steel appliances became the new standard in homes. People desired a more futuristic look. The clean, sleek design of stainless steel gave homes an exciting refresh. Now, however, plain and simple has become boring. Interior design and decor has shifted to incorporate pops of color in place of chic, all-white kitchens and bedrooms. The kitchens of 1950s homes were full of colors such as pastel pink and yellow, with turquoise blue seen as truly high style. Red fridges commonly seen in 50s newspaper ads and grandma’s old pea-green oven are now trending in modern homes. We love the comeback of these colorful appliances giving homes a unique and fun retro look! 

Bold Wallpaper

Bold wallpaper first made its debut in the 70s, peaking in popularity in the 80s. Floral print was in almost every trendy home, seen as an elegant and exciting touch. Recently, wallpaper has made a comeback as we transition out of the all-white walls and shiplap phase of home design. 

However, instead of using wallpaper in an entire room from floor to ceiling, wallpaper has made its debut in the modern home in a new way. A floral wall paper may be used on one wall of a bedroom or bathroom to give the room a pop of texture in an otherwise one-tone room. Even closets, laundry rooms and storage spaces have been given a chic new look by simply adding trendy wallpaper to an accent wall. 

Brass Fixtures

Another popular home design trend seen all throughout Instagram currently is the addition of brass fixtures. Although seen as a new and creative way to revamp your home, brass fixtures were actually first popular in the 80s and 90s. Homes were accented with brass faucets, knobs and pulls and even enclosed showers had brass trim. However, the trend didn’t last long before designers deemed the color out of date an unflattering. Brass came back stronger than ever in 2019 in a new, fresher way, adding an elegant pop to kitchens, bathrooms and dining spaces. Paired with the trendiest styles of today, brass fixtures have made modern homes look better than ever. 



Another design trend making its way back from the 70s is rattan. Primarily seen in outdoor and patio furniture in the past, rattan has come back more versatile than ever. Dining room chairs, wall art, headboards, dressers, shelves, hanging wall chairs, coffee tables and more have flooded the modern home, giving spaces a calm, boho vibe that millennials, in particular, can’t get enough of. 


With people spending more and more time at home, creating a comfortable living space to work, relax and spend time with friends and loved ones is more important than ever before. Find more tips and ideas like these by searching the rest of our Verani blog site or, if you're looking to make a change, go to to find your dream home today.

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