The Advantages of Attending Open Houses

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open house signYou are ready to buy a home, but maybe you are uncertain if you should hop in the car and attend a few open house events in your desired neighborhoods. You are not alone in this confusion. Why give up a portion of your Saturday when you can schedule a showing next week?

The truncated housing stock of today’s real estate market is causing many area buyers to leap on a house that they find very quickly. This means that within hours or a day or two, a house that just hit the market can be under contract. Basically, you snooze, you lose.

Attending open houses can give you quick access to several available homes for sale, all in one day, rather than wait for private showings to align with your work schedule and seller availability. It makes good use of your time since you can create your own personal schedule for that day.

In fact, there are several advantages to attending open house events, which include:

  • You learn exactly what you are looking for and what you do not want in a home. Sometimes seeing things in person is the best way to clearly narrow down your criteria. It can help you recognize “the one” much easier after seeing many different design options. As a family, you can determine priorities and learn how to communicate your needs, wishes and thoughts to each other.

  • You get to know the market and the value of certain types of homes and amenities. It refines your pricing savvy so you will recognize a good deal when you see it.

  • You get to know the area better. There is nothing like roaming the community and peeking into homes on a beautiful weekend to make you familiar with certain neighborhoods and their proximities to things like shopping and schools.

  • You can go through a home at your own pace. Often, when you are with your real estate agent, you are ushered around and it can feel awkward if you linger or ask too many questions. Everyone has a schedule to keep, right? But an open house is usually open for at least 3 hours, so you can linger if you choose and learn everything without worrying about throwing off anyone’s schedule. You can also quickly determine if you dislike the home and simply leave, no questions asked. You set your viewing schedule.

  • You have the ability to place an offer quickly, rather than waiting for a private showing. If you find the perfect home by attending an open house, you can place an offer before the house gets snatched up by someone else. Just make sure you do so through your own buyer’s agent (if you have one), who will offer advice, handle all the contractual requirements and manage negotiations for you.

Finally, attending open house events can be fun. Researching houses and real estate doesn’t have to be an arduous, painful process. You can enjoy looking at different design and style options and relish all the knowledge you’re gaining! Nothing will prepare you to buy your home like visiting several potential properties.

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