Spring into an Impressive Yard

daisyCleaning up your yard each spring requires a weekend of removing debris left behind from winter storms, cleaning out flowerbeds, adding fresh mulch, and replacing gravel or sod displaced by plowing or shoveling your driveway and paths all winter. Those snowy months can take their toll on a property.

You may add fresh flowers after Memorial Day (when the threat of frost is hopefully behind us), replace your winter doormats and sweep off the deck, but perhaps something else is needed to make your yard dressed to impress.

Maybe this is the year you create your own outdoor oasis. There are a few top improvements you can do to the outside of your home that truly will give you more living space to enjoy, add value to your home, and impress anyone who passes by.

Here are a few DIY projects to create a yard that your will enjoy and neighbors will envy.

  • A new deck: Large or small, and in a variety of materials, finishes, and even shapes, there are DIY deck kits sold at your local home improvement store. This will require more than one set of hands, but make it a family project and allow for it to take a weekend or two to complete. The end result is increase living space and a place for your family to gather on warm beautiful days and nights.

  • A fire pit or fireplace: An outdoor fire pit or fireplace can be added on as an extension to a deck, or you can simply purchase a portable one, or kits that allow you to construct the pit, complete with an insert that keeps logs and the fire well-contained. This is a great DIY project that requires lifting the bricks but no excessively heavy installation. Check with your town about regulations in your area regarding outdoor fires, and be sure to place in a safe area.

  • Manicured paths: The finishing touch on beautiful landscaping is typically adding a beautiful walkway or stepping stones to tie everything together cohesively and accent the focal points on the property. They come in a variety of materials, from stone to brick, and a multitude of colors and textures. This is also a weekend-long project and requires you to level out the ground (there is a special tool that allows you to pound the ground flat) before you set the pavers or stone in place.

  • Outdoor lighting: Add outdoor lighting to the backyard and your family can continue to play after the sun sets. This also adds the perfect accent to your landscaping at night. Use solar ground lights to line your lawn and walkways. Install lantern fixtures on the exterior walls.

  • A porch or screened gazebo: A screened in area like a porch or gazebo is a fresh way to bring the comforts of indoors outside. This can also be added as an extension to your deck for some shelter from the sun and rain.

There are many DIY projects you can do in a weekend that will increase your enjoyment of your home and add to its beauty, value and curb appeal. Choose the ones that your family will enjoy the most, know your budget and stay within it, and tackle each project one weekend at a time.

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