Spotlight City: Why We Love the Homes in Hudson, NH

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Thinking about purchasing a home in Hudson, New Hampshire? You’re not alone! Hudson is the 9th largest municipality in the state of New Hampshire due to the number of residents the town boasts. This makes sense given its prime geographic location – it’s known widely as being an ideal Granite State suburb of Boston. Hudson sits right on the NH / Massachusetts border and is a quick, accessible ride to Lowell, Worcester, and Boston, while remaining close to some of New Hampshire’s largest cities such as Manchester and Nashua. If you’re looking to make the move to one of the most popular places in the state, Hudson, New Hampshire, let Verani Realty show you around.

Hudson is ideal for employment opportunities both in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. With the aforementioned big cities in both states right in Hudson’s general vicinity, buying real estate in Hudson opens you up to many opportunities unique to its ideal location. And, of course, being that it’s in New Hampshire, you’re gaining the benefit of the sales tax-free incentives of the Granite State, as well as picturesque getaways that are a short ride away all throughout the state.

According to, Hudson ranks #4 on their “Best Suburbs to Raise Family” list. It is also listed as one of the “Suburbs with the Best Public Schools in America.” Hudson also boasts a high resident rate of both millennials and retirees, making it a desirable destination for a wide swath of demographics.

Fast facts

  • Hudson’s Hills Memorial Library (which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places) is one of the oldest public lending libraries in the state and occupies a stone and mortar building on Library Street.
  • The town's three largest “internal” employers are Benchmark Electronics, BAE Systems, and the Hudson School District, making it a home for commercial activity.
  • A 1/4-mile paved racetrack, the Hudson Speedway, lies near the northern edge of town by the intersection of Old Derry Road and Robinson Road.
  • Alvirne High in Hudson is home to one of the largest agricultural-vocational programs in the area, the Wilbur H. Palmer Agricultural and Vocational School. This school features several student-run businesses including a bank, restaurant, store, day care, dairy farm, and forestry program.

The housing scoop

Market trends show Hudson NH homes’ median sales price sits at $255,070 over the span of the last six months. Homes for sale in Hudson are on the market for an average of 35 days, and buyers can expect to pay 99% of the seller’s asking price, making it a competitive, but affordable place to purchase a home. Hudson has a diverse assortment of historic properties mixed with modern, new construction homes, making it appealing to home buyers of all types.

Find your Hudson NH home for sale today

If you’re actively looking for properties, get in touch with us at Verani Realty, your trusted and driven realtors in Hudson, NH! Or, start browsing homes and real estate for sale in Hudson, NH online today. When you’re ready to make a move, we’re ready to show you the best homes in Hudson, NH, that are available on the market.

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