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homes for sale in epping new hampshire

Nestled in Rockingham County lies Epping, New Hampshire. A small rural town originally part of Exeter, NH, one of the four original New Hampshire townships, but settled as their own town in 1741. Once settled, Epping was named after Epping Forest, a suburb of London, England. With a population of approximately 7,000 residents, this town is a hot spot for a lot of young professionals and families to plant roots.


Coined back in the 1970’s Epping has an unofficial slogan known by locals and outsiders alike, “Epping - the center of the universe”. Although not geographically correct, it’s more of an inside and local joke, but you will still find people driving around with that slogan plastered to their cars on bumper stickers. If you’re thinking about looking for a home in Epping, NH we have all you’ll need to know right here. From things to do around town, to some fun facts, to the housing market, we’ve got it all - so read on!


Why Epping?

Living in Epping, New Hampshire has grown in popularity due to its proximity to the seacoast and easy accessibility to large cities such as Manchester, NH and Boston, MA. This town is also steeped in historical charm, from Victorian-era homes still standing to old manufacturing brick buildings. History plays a big part of this small town’s culture, with many buildings and burial grounds saved and preserved, residents are very proud of their hometown’s past.


Residents and tourists alike flock to Epping, NH’s Star Speedway and New England Dragway each year April through October to enjoy the NASCAR festivities. These events bring in over 300,000 visitors each year.  


Another draw to the area is Brickyard Square, conveniently located on Route 125 this open shopping center offers stores, restaurants and a movie theatre; a one stop shop for a great day or date night.


A big attraction to Epping, NH that brings thousands of visitors a year is the Leddy Center for the Performing Arts. This nationally recognized amateur production company showcases quality musical theater as well as concerts throughout the year. The Leddy Center also employs a professional faculty that works with students of all ages in acting, dance, and instrumental lessons.    

homes for sale in epping new hampshire 

As we mentioned, Epping is really proud of their local history, there are several buildings around town that have been preserved. Including a local favorite spot, the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail, was formally the St. Joseph’s Church built in 1895 by William J. O’Connor. Originally a place of gathering and worship, now over 100 years later has been re-established as an Irish pub. Still in the same basic structure, the Holy Grail has been voted “The Best Irish Pub in NH” for the past 8 years. It quickly became a staple in the Epping community.


Housing Scoop:

If you’re thinking about starting the search for homes for sale in Epping, NH then there are few things you should know before diving into the house hunting process. Properties in Epping vary in price as well as style, so depending on what you’re looking for, you’ll most likely find it in this town. As previously mentioned, the town of Epping is steeped in local history and that is true to their residential properties as well. Some homes date back into the 1800’s, with history, charm, and detailing around every corner. Historical homes varying in size and style, from old farm houses with acres of land to classic colonial homes with all the detailing and charm you could ask for. However that is not all this town has to offer - homes in Epping, NH can be historical but they can be new and modern as well. A lot of new construction homes have come into the area offering modern designs and the ability to put your own stamp on your home design wise. Homes in Epping, New Hampshire have an average value of $290,700 and a median household income of just under $51,000, if that gives you any indication of its affordability.


If you’re actively looking or just starting out on your search, get in touch with us at Verani Realty, your trusted and motivated realtors in NH! Start browsing for homes and real estate for sale in Epping, NH online today - see something you like? Give us a call, we’re happy to help you get into your dream home!

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