6 Things Buyers Notice that Leave a Bad Impression

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touring a home for saleYou may think that the first thing buyers notice about your home is its size, the layout of the floorplan, or even those shiny new appliances in your kitchen. The truth is that a buyer’s first impression is often set by things that sellers don’t think about.

For example: Have you ever entered someone’s home and it smelled musty, or like a litter box, or like a dog in desperate need of a bath? If you have, that odor is what created your first impression, and it likely wasn’t a pleasant one – even if the home was beautiful. This is just one example of something you may not think twice about but is what buyers will first notice when they arrive.

Since a good first impression is important, keep your eye out for these six things that can prevent buyers from focusing on your house’s great selling points.

  1. Odors – It is wise to shampoo carpeting, wash floors and launder anything that holds odors. If you have pets, a fresh bath may help, and consider using mildly scented air fresheners for rooms where your furry friends spend most of their time. A DIY option is to pour a little vanilla extract on a damp paper towel and microwave it for 30- 40 seconds. It will release a mild scent that cleanses leftover cooking odors in the kitchen.

  2. Clutter – If the first thing buyers see at the door are piles of mail, shoes, coats and general clutter, it sends a message that the home is not big enough to provide adequate storage. The home feels instantly smaller with clutter.

  3. Chipping paint – The front door should be well maintained. It is the gateway into the home, and if it has chipping paint or looks old, buyers may feel the house is not well-maintained.

  4. A messy yard – Curb appeal is important. If a buyer sees debris, old leaves and shrubbery, and toys left all over the yard, it does not feel welcoming or appealing.

  5. Stained tubs and grout – Stains can happen, but it important to address them before you show your home. Give the bathroom a thorough cleaning using stain removing cleaners, and if needed, regrout discolored areas around tiles.

  6. Unmade beds – This may seem like an odd one, but part of appealing to buyers is making the home appear like it could belong to anyone – even them. When beds are left unmade, it often feels like they are viewing a very personal and messy part of the seller’s life.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so take the time to address the little things that buyers first notice. Ask your Realtor for an unbiased opinion on what stands out about your home when someone first enters. You will gain honest advice about how to make your home leave a beautiful, lasting impression.

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