Selling Your House During the Summer – How to Make Your House the Coolest on the Block

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keeping your house cool in summerWhen selling your home in the summer, you have the advantage of showing off your beautifully landscaped front yard, improving curb appeal with colorful flowers along the entry and staging your patio or deck to show off its benefits. But you also have some really hot weather that can make potential buyers feel uncomfortable while they look.

You don’t want buyers to feel like your home is stifling during the hotter months, because being comfortable (or uncomfortable) impacts their first impression. Here are a few things you can do this summer to make your house feel like it’s cool and comfortable no matter what:

Have the air conditioning on for at least 30 minutes before each showing: If the house is above 74 degrees, don’t wait until you leave the house for a showing to turn on the AC, and don’t leave the AC off all day. If you can, set your AC to cycle to keep the house around 70- 72 degrees. If you have a programable thermostat, use it!

Keep the sun’s heat out: Close blinds or shades during peak sun hours, but let your Realtor know you did this so they can allow time to open shades before a showing (opening the blinds or lifting shades for showings makes rooms appear bright and airy. Natural light is a big selling point!). Blocking the sun, even partially, during the hottest part of the day will keep your house cooler.

Use your ceiling fans: Ceiling fans circulate the air and help cool the air in your home more quickly. Leaving a ceiling fan on a low setting also accents the fact that a room has one - something buyers may not notice or remember otherwise.

Put in new windows: Older windows are a big source of energy loss. It may be wise to replace them with ones that are double or even triple paned for insulation. They also are available with a special coating that reflects heat in the summer.

Add insulation: You can save a lot of energy by ensuring that your attic, walls, and floors are filled with the recommended amount of fiberglass or spray foam insulation. This will keep your cool air in and the heat outside where it belongs.

Keep your air conditioner clean: Clean the air filters on your air conditioning unit at least once per month and get an annual checkup and cleaning. Well-functioning equipment saves energy and works better at keeping your home comfortable.

Put a pitcher of cold lemonade and drinking glasses on the counter: If you are leaving the house right before buyers are scheduled to arrive for their showing, make them feel refreshed and at home by leaving out a cold drink for them to enjoy while viewing your kitchen. Leave a note that tells them to help themselves and enjoy!

Your home will show beautifully in the summer, but you want buyers to feel as comfortable as possible while they view it. Ask your Realtor about how to show your home to its best potential. Take the steps needed to keep your home a reasonable temperature that allows buyers to linger, discuss, and fully absorb all the details.

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