Sell, Pack and Move Easier than Ever Before

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taping moving boxesYou know those home sellers whose house shows well, looks clean and beautiful, and to top it off they say moving was really pretty easy? It’s time to learn how they do it.

If you are about to put your home on the market and are stressing about everything from showings to packing, from moving to getting settled in, here are a few tips to ease the most common struggles and avoid the most common mistakes.

Selling hacks to simplify your move

  1. Clear all your closet space and each room. Remove clutter by packing up anything you won’t need for the next couple of months. Things like seasonal clothing, extra shoes, knick-knacks, the Thanksgiving china, and all those family pictures covering your walls are great examples of things to store. Depersonalize and remove things that take up too much space. Consider moving out any oversized furniture too. Where do you put it all? Rent a small storage unit and hide the items that clutter your home and make everything cramped or smaller than it is. This also saves time packing when the house sells!

  2. Keep on top of house cleaning a little at a time. Don’t wait until a showing is scheduled to tackle it all. Spray and wipe down showers quickly a few times per week. Keep glass cleaning wipes handy and wipe down mirrors and faucets regularly.

  3. Have a game plan for fast, easy dinners when a showing gets scheduled around mealtime. Make it a family night out for pizza or prepare a few frozen casseroles you can easy thaw and cook on those nights.

  4. Organize toys with baskets. When a showing gets scheduled, each child can be deemed responsible for picking up their things and getting them into their basket.

  5. Investigate moving companies way before you sell and close on your house. Weigh the costs, and see if they have good reviews with the better business bureau.

  6. Create a list of services that will need to be disconnected and reconnected at your new home, including phone numbers.

  7. Schedule a locksmith to change the locks on your new home once you have a move-in date. This is a wise thing to do since you don’t know if you have every key that was made by the seller – including those given out to friends and neighbors.

  8. Fill out forms to forward your mail so there is no lag in service.

  9. Remember to take time to exercise and eat right. These things help you feel better and manage stress.

  10. Accept help that is offered from friends and family. It is OK not to do it all yourself.

With a little planning and a few simple steps you can handle selling, packing and moving with grace and tenacity rather than chaos and stress. Don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor for some helpful advice too. He or she may offer some additional tips learned from savvy sellers.

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