Seaside Living at its Best: Homes for Sale in Hampton, NH

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homes for sale in hampton new hampshire

Recently, the seacoast area of New Hampshire is one of the most sought-after locations in the state. Buying a beach home or vacation home is in high demand, and people come to the area only to be a short walk away from the waves and everything else that comes with living near the coast. Not to mention the friendly neighborhoods and the career opportunities in the area, it’s worth joining the market. That’s why we’ve been seeing an influx of buyers interested in homes for sale in Hampton, NH.

Thinking about buying real estate in Hampton, NH? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place! As homes for sale in Hampton, NH gain popularity, we learn more and more about the community and we’re here to help you make the most informed decision about buying real estate in Hampton, NH. 

Hampton, NH is a popular tourist town on the New Hampshire coast, with an influx of seasonal residents and tourists. However, year-round, the population averages just a little over 9,000 people. In the off-season, Hampton, NH is a quiet and sparse suburban area, but when the warmer months arrive, the town is filled with vibrant activity, entertainment, a busy downtown. While a lot of the shops on the Hampton Beach boardwalk close their doors in the off-season, there are still a ton of local businesses open such as restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. 

While most residents of Hampton, NH are seasonal, the year-round residents tend to have a higher rate of homeowners over renters. The median home value in Hampton, NH is approximately $508,000. Especially for young professionals looking to put down roots, the affordable home and rent prices mixed with the career opportunities make buying real estate in Hampton, NH very appealing. In fact, Hampton was ranked #11 out of 110 in Best Places for Young Professionals in NH. The median household income in Hampton, NH is approximately $92,220, well above the national average of $62,843. It also ranked #25 out of 110 for Best Places to Live in NH and Places with the Best Public Schools in NH. 

When buying real estate in Hampton, NH, be on the lookout for Realtors who specialize and work regularly in the area. These agents will be more likely to know the current market trends within the area and the updates on the neighborhood. This way, they can provide you with different options that can satisfy and tick the items on your checklist. 

To find these types of agents, a simple online search can lead you to a wide variety of agents. Or, visiting will help narrow down your search as you can learn all about the local Hampton real estate agents on their bio pages.

As a locally-owned business and a globally respected brand, Verani Realty has helped thousands of people in their quest to find their perfect home. Talk with one of our Real Estate advisors today to chat about your real estate goals and the homes for sale in Hampton, NH. Visit our website and work with agents that do more for you.

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