When searching for the NH home of your dreams, it’s important to know the right questions to ask a Realtor

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questions to ask a real estate agentBuying a new home is perhaps one of life’s most momentous decisions. Whether you’re simply switching neighborhoods or contemplating a long-distance move, there’s no more critical time to find the right ally to stand by your side and guide you through the process. But before you dip your toe into the real estate dating pool, there are some important questions to ask your Realtor to make sure your potential suitor measures up. A New Hampshire home search can be a formidable task that’s made so much easier when you’ve found your realtor soulmate to hold your hand along the way.

How long have you been a Realtor in NH?

Experience counts, and this is especially true in the case of buying or selling a new home. You want to find someone who knows the ins and outs of the area you are pinpointing and who has important connections to lenders, inspectors and other services you may need. While new agents are certainly qualified, valuable, and can frequently provide you with undivided attention, seasoned real estate agents may be able to get the job done with greater ease. Experienced agents usually have a solid track record in handling any situation, planned or unexpected, that may come your way.

What is your level of licensure in NH?

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s one of the most important questions to ask a Realtor because the terminology indicates the level of experience they have under their belt. The term "agent" is often the blanket title used when referring to most real estate professionals. An agent is licensed by the state's real estate commission, which means they have completed prerequisite courses and passed an exam. A "broker" has experience as an agent, completed additional training courses, earned certifications, and usually has some managerial responsibility within a real estate company. A "REALTOR®" is an official member of the National Association of REALTORS®, a voluntary step that makes them a part of an organization of over 1.3 million agents, brokers, and appraisers involved in the business of residential and commercial real estate. They abide by a high standard of ethics and have access to the wealth of training that’s made available to association members.

Can I have a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on this area?

A CMA is a tool utilized by many Realtors to provide a recent listing of comparable home sales in the area. They contain active listings currently for sale, pending listings that are under contract, and sold listings that have gone under contract in the last three months. These listings may vary among different agencies but provide a good benchmark of how the real estate market is trending in your target market.   

Tell me about this location. Is it growing or declining?

A skilled real estate agent does so much more than simply drive you around from property to property. Be sure to ask your Realtor questions about the local community, including home values, taxes, utility costs, and school information. It’s important to find someone familiar with your preferred neighborhood so they can match as many items on your “wish list” as possible with areas that are growing and thriving.

Are we the right “fit?”

While this last question to ask a Realtor may be one you don’t ask out loud, it could certainly prove to be the most important. You will be spending a good portion of time working with your Realtor in the days to come, so take the time to find the right match. An in-person interview helps you gauge whether your personalities fit and if you’ve set the right expectations for working together. Ask for references, find out their track record, learn how their skills or background may be tailored to your individual needs, and closely examine their communication style. After all, you need someone who is reachable and responsive when that hot property suddenly appears out of thin air.

With a little research, knowing which questions to ask your Realtor, and trusting your “gut” at that all-important first date, you can be one step closer to finding the right match to lead you to your brand new front door. Learn more about finding a real estate agent in New Hampshire, or contact Verani Realty at 888-723-0306 to get started on your search.

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