5 Qualities of a Good Client

Verani Realty

Verani Realty’s commercial division recognizes clients who stand out above the crowd. Working with our team of professionals who have demonstrated success will provide you with a high level of confidence that the company will serve your best interests. Our division is built upon a comprehensive platform of commercial real estate services within a highly collaborative company culture.

What qualities comprise a good commercial real estate client? Here are a few that rise to the top:

1. They express the level of services they require

A good client communicates their expectations clearly by coming to the initial consultation prepared. They are able to share their goals, objectives and expectations when they arrive to the table. Our team of Advisors use this feedback to create a comprehensive marketing plan and design a unique strategy for each assignment.

2. A good client allows a reasonable time to produce quality work

We work in an industry filled with clients who want the transaction completed ‘yesterday’. A good client understands the time put into each transaction and plans accordingly. For more than 50 years our team of dedicated professionals have achieved unprecedented success in the local market. From office property to retail centers, industrial buildings to self-storage facilities, multi-family assets to hotels and hospitality assets, our Advisors have completed the successful acquisition and disposition of more than $2 billion dollars of commercial property in northern New England.

3. They are available for questions

Our Commercial Real Estate Advisors have one common goal – to exceed client expectations but they aren’t mind readers. We work in a collaborative environment and foster a team culture to provide ancillary services for our client’s. Whether you’re working with a generalist or a specialist, questions often arise. A good commercial real estate client makes themselves available in order to minimize potential obstacles that may occur throughout the transaction.

4. A good commercial real estate client gives credit where the credit is due

As you work in collaboration with our team of professionals, you’ll recognize the depth and breadth of the services we offer:

5. They seek an ongoing relationship

A good commercial real estate client understands the value in creating an on-going relationship with their trusted Advisor. Our Real Estate Services Team provides expert analysis, local and regional market knowledge, and maintain a prestigious array of industry relationships based on integrity, honesty and a sincere commitment to place the best interests of each client above all else.

Simply stated, our goal is to provide our clients with the best real estate experience made possible through a true collaboration of effort. 

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