New Hampshire Seacoast Real Estate Surge: What You Need to Know

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Thinking about moving to the New Hampshire seacoast? We’re here to help you get started on your real estate journey to ensure your first step, is the right step. Finding the perfect place to put down roots can sometimes be a challenging process, but we are here for you! There are a lot of great cities and towns in New Hampshire, but one of the most popular areas right now, especially for tourists and potential homebuyers, is the Seacoast. 

Like in most places, the real estate market has been extremely hot, and the New Hampshire seacoast is no exception. There has been a notable real estate surge, where a significant number of people are trying to relocate to the seacoast area, in turn making the competition in the seacoast fierce.

The New Hampshire seacoast is a beautiful area surrounded by breathtaking shorelines, charming downtowns, beautiful beach towns, local entertainment, and so much more! If you are looking for a relaxing and fun environment where you can recharge, along with a number of events throughout the year, and an endless array of adventures, this is definitely the place for you!

Here are a few things to remember when trying to buy a home in the Seacoast:


Cities in the seacoast and their neighborhoods have a fantastic and desirable geographic location, with only a short drive to the surrounding states of Maine and Massachusetts. Places such as Portsmouth, Hampton, Rye, and Dover have seen a rise in popularity and interest amongst home buyers.

Portsmouth, NH- This lovely little town is one of the best places to be! With a desirable location, where you have easy access to major commuter routes, highways, and close proximity to the airport. It’s a coastal town brimming with history and charm, in fact, it’s the third oldest town in the United States! The residents enjoy its rustic ambiance and have a passion and dedication to preserving the town’s original buildings. 


New Hampshire has been ranked the #1 place for millennials to live in. Regardless of age, race, and gender, there is no better place than Seacoast, New Hampshire. Over the years, New Hampshire has ranked as one of the safest states to live in across the country, where the crime rate is below the average level of most states in the United States.


When it comes to finding employment opportunities, New Hampshire has a lot to offer. New Hampshire ranks 13th in the whole nation for job seekers and is expected to continue in the future. In addition, the state’s education system in New Hampshire also ranks 5th in providing top-notch services both from public schools to private universities. 


The median home value in New Hampshire does go above the national average as the current average for the rental is $1,700 per year. As for the real estate market, New Hampshire seacoast real estate agents have been reporting a consistent increase in the residents running over to a granite state in their search for a new home. 

Finding a new home in the NH Seacoast can be a bit challenging given the current real estate market surge in seacoast neighborhoods. This is why choosing a top-selling and experienced Real Estate Agent is the best option for those who are hoping to close a deal for their dream seacoast home in New Hampshire.

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