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This may sound like a biased statement coming directly from a Granite Stater, but New Hampshire offers a quality of life that is unsurpassed by other states in the nation. Now that is a bold statement, I know, but it’s actually backed up by facts and statistics. Year after year, New Hampshire has ranked in the Top 10 and often in the Top 3 for “Best Places to Live” - Want to know why? Keep reading!


Fast Facts:

Before we dive into New Hampshire’s attractions and lifestyle, here are a few quick facts about the Granite State. New Hampshire is home to approximately 1.3 million residents, with 92% of the population having a high school diploma or higher. The state is divided up by seven geographical regions, ranging from the Great North Woods to the Seacoast, all the way down to New Hampshire’s most metropolitan areas in the south of the state. By area, New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state and the 10th least populous of the 50 states. The state also has no sales tax or income tax, making it a very popular spot to work and shop.



What helps in New Hampshire’s quality of life is the access to its vast variety of landscapes. The beautiful White Mountains inhabit the north-central region, while to the east of the state is the famous Lakes Region. Although not a landlocked state, New Hampshire does have the shortest ocean coastline of any state, with only 18 miles. However, approximately 7 miles offshore lies the Isle of Shoals, nine small islands with 4 of which being part of New Hampshire. With the diverse terrains, New Hampshire offers an area for everyone’s taste and lifestyle.


Towns in New Hampshire vary in population size, from the largest city of Manchester having a population of almost 112,000 residents to towns like Dublin, NH having only 1,597. So, depending on what your personal preference is, New Hampshire has a great mix of everything. With landscapes and town locations and sizes drastically varying, it is appealing to all types of buyers, giving them their own high quality of life in NH.


Pros to Living in New Hampshire:


  • The True Seasons: New Hampshire is one of the few states that has all four distinct seasons, and every season is a draw for outdoor enthusiasts, New Hampshire residents, and tourists alike. With ski mountains open in the winter, stunning hikes in the spring, the lakes region and seacoast in the summer, and the brilliant colors of the famous foliage.
  • Sales tax? What’s that?: New Hampshire is one of the four states in the entire country that provides the benefit of NO sales tax, the others being Oregon, Montana, and Delaware. So you see a price tag that says something is $10.99, guess what you’re paying at the register? You guessed it, $10.99 - no extra tax, no extra math before the purchase.
  • Safe for the family: New Hampshire is consistently ranked in the “Top 10 Safest States in America” list by US News, making it an amazing place to live and raise a family. Another added bonus, New Hampshire is surrounded by Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts, who are also on the Top 10 list.
  • Employment for everyone: New Hampshire has several companies with a significant presence in the state, including Oracle, Fidelity, UPS, BEA and Coca-Cola. With competitive wages and benefits, it makes for a great state for employment. Also, New Hampshire has a very low unemployment rate, so chances of getting a job for any level seems promising.
  • Excellent Education: New Hampshire is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country, such as Dartmouth and Philips Exeter Academy.


Overall, New Hampshire offers a high quality of life and is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and explore all the historical treasures this state offers.


If you’re looking to dive deeper into New Hampshire real estate, reach out to a Verani agent today, your trusted real estate agent for the entire state of New Hampshire. Or visit us online to take a look at available properties today!

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