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relocating to vermontFind out why the Green Mountain State is the most popular state in the country for new movers and how to streamline your move to Vermont.

Moving to Vermont – especially for Baby Boomers – is trending. More people are relocating to the Green Mountain State than anywhere else in the country (source: USA Today, Jan. 3, 2018). And it’s no wonder – one look at our listing of beautiful Vermont homes for sale would inspire just about anyone to start getting quotes for moving companies. Before you start packing, look at what our Vermont relocation agents have to say about finding and settling into your new VT home.

Search easier

If you haven’t found your perfect property yet, but know Vermont fits the criteria most important to you and your family, don’t despair. Online search tools like the one at allow you to tour everything from lakeside mansions, historic farms, and mountainside condos with a few clicks. A targeted search is always the most efficient, or you can easily find an agent with the right skill set and expertise in moving to Vermont. Aside from relationships with amenities and vendors in your new community, a dedicated relocation agent knows the best way to get you settled in.

Call in reinforcements

Our job is to make moving to Vermont as easy as possible for you and your family. We're an actively approved service provider for over a dozen top national relocation management companies that – when combined – handle thousands of moves annually. For many of our clients, this shifts the logistics and cost comparison workload from you to us, so you can focus on building relationships in your new neighborhood, decoration schemes, and of course, packing.

Moving checklist

Planners, this is your time to shine. Give yourself at least two months before your target move date so you can enjoy this exciting time for your family rather than wish it away due to the hustle and bustle. You’ll also save time and money if you employ the services of a relocation agent who may already have connections, tips, and tricks for making the most of your move-in experience. While Google Maps showed you a fabulous shortcut that cuts 45 minutes off your drive to your new Vermont homestead, your relocation specialist agent with expertise on moving to Vermont may be able to point out that it traverses a mountain and is not passable for part of the year!

For a timeline of the important tasks you should complete in the two months leading up to your move to Vermont, use Verani’s handy moving checklist as a starting point for your planning. You can always ask for help if you need it! Verani is here for you. Call 888-723-0306 with any questions about moving to Vermont.

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