Moving to Massachusetts? Here’s what you need to know.

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relocating to massachusettsFrom colonial monuments to a thriving tech scene, moving to The Commonwealth has something for everyone

Moving to Massachusetts is a smart choice. Quality of life, the economy, academic options and vibrant recreational options all contribute to why U.S. News and World Report ranked the state No. 1 in its 2017 “Best States” awards. So, how would someone narrow down the choices between city living in the metro-Boston area, family-friendly neighborhoods in suburbia, or a home amidst acreage in the beautiful Berkshires? Here are a few ways.

Think about work

Massachusetts has the second-best startup and patent environment in the country (second only to California), which means new businesses and inventions are happening all the time. Boston boasts a large technology scene – with the cultural and culinary amenities you’d expect in a healthy economic engine – and companies large and small call Massachusetts home. Its lower-than-average unemployment rate and many public transportation options means workers have access to convenient commuting and employment options, so home buyers can search for Massachusetts homes outside their typical search radius.

Academics matter

Almost half of the residents in Massachusetts have a college degree, and 86 percent of residents have a high school diploma, illustrating the emphasis Massachusetts places on education. Home to Ivy League colleges and unique school options across the board, Massachusetts offers many ways to advance you and your family’s education. Planning your move to Massachusetts around public or private education options is a smart way to narrow down the many possibilities, and it’s easy if you use a property search tool, like the one we have here at Verani Realty, to perform an advanced search by school district, major academic institution, or by town.

 All about fit

Historic homes, diverse neighborhoods and different dwelling types abound in Massachusetts, so before you finalize your decisions, take a tour or peruse the neighborhood with your real estate agent (find a great one here). Or contact one of our relocation specialists, who also have the inside scoop on everything from moving companies to registering your car at the DMV. If you can’t make the trip to your new Massachusetts home, virtual tours, photographs, historic research, and browsing online community groups and local news social media pages can give you a sense of your prospective area’s vibe. You can also enlist the help of a Massachusetts relocation specialist with expertise in moving to the state to connect you to the best resources for your family.

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