Moving to Concord NH: Living in the Capital City

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The biggest advantages of living in the heart of New Hampshire’s Capital

There’s something enchanting about living in the capital of such a historic-rich state. Concord is located in the core of New Hampshire and allows for easy access to everything the state has to offer. It has mastered the balance of an action-packed city, while still having a rural feel. If you like to be in the heart of city life, full of endless possibilities for fun, shopping and entertainment look no further than Concord. Homes for sale in Concord, NH offer easy access to everything you could need. It’s also a great location for weekend and holiday road trips to other parts of the state. People can’t get enough of real estate in Concord, NH, and for good reason! Let’s dive into the history and charm of Concord NH, and some of the city's biggest advantages. 

Top 5 Advantages of Living in Concord, New Hampshire:

#1. Community-based Lifestyle
When looking for Concord, NH homes for sale there’s a lot to look forward to. Concord is a place where people support local business owners, know their neighbors, and stand up for causes they believe in. Concord is full of community-driven events, festivals, and rallies that highlight it as a city that cares for its heritage and its residents. Concord has a rich diversity that can feel like home to various types of people and lifestyles. The community works hard to make locals, and newcomers alike, feel welcome in their life in Concord. 

#2. Perks of City Life
One of the biggest appeals of Concord, NH real estate is the fact it offers the accessibility and busy lifestyle of a city, without the stress of big city life. Concord is still a relatively small city that offers both sides of the coin of rural and suburban experiences. Concord is a place where you could potentially walk to work or bike ride up the street to your favorite coffee shop. For its size, Concord doesn’t underestimate the importance of an action-packed downtown. It’s full of delicious food, things to do, and a culture-rich downtown. As the capital, Concord embraces the beauty of New Hampshire in everything it does. 

#3. Reasonable Cost of Living
Oftentimes when you think about moving to a city, the first thing you consider is expenses. For Concord, the average price of buying a home is substantially more affordable than in other areas of New Hampshire. The same goes for rental costs, so this is a great place for people of all ages to settle down with a great quality of life. Whether you are building your career, starting a family, or looking to retire in the heart of the state., Concord, NH real estate is in high demand these days because of the variety of benefits it provides. 

#4. Easy Access to the Rest of New Hampshire
Concord is located in the core of New Hampshire, making it a great place to reside for easy access to your favorite hot spots around the state. Concord is only 16 miles from Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city. Portsmouth is just an hour’s drive from Concord, where you can get away to bike around the seafront with their cycle rides. You can also take a day trip to White Mountains National Park just outside of the city! There’s endless opportunity in Concord to travel, and see the rest of New Hampshire’s stunning landscape. Be on the lookout for homes for sale in Concord, NH if you are looking to live in the heart of New Hampshire’s finest. 

#5. Rich with History and Beautiful Scenery 
Concord has a beautiful historic Main Street you can stroll down and is located right beside the state’s Merrimack River. Concord gives you the accessibility of city life, with opportunities to engage in fine dining and fun weekend activities. The downtown is also full of museums, art galleries, and historic pieces of New Hampshire to uncover along the way. It stays true to its NH roots with beautiful nature interwoven seamlessly into the town’s center. Concord is a hidden gem and a great location if you are looking to move to New Hampshire, or relocate to a more bustling town. 

Here at Verani Realtors, we have a special place in our heart for Concord. We believe in supporting the community and spreading the joy of Concord living with all of our clients. If you are looking for a home in Concord, NH check out our website,  to connect with some of the best realtors in the city. We want the best for you, and are here to help you close on the house of your dreams. You can check out homes for sale in Concord, NH on our website, and dive into all the city has to offer. Reach out to us and let’s get started on your real estate journey together.

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