Make Your Yard a Relaxation Destination

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patio chairs in back yardA well-kept yard is appealing, but perhaps you want something more – something that helps everyone who visits feel relaxed. This concept might be for the enjoyment of your family and friends, but it will also be beneficial when you try to sell your home.

Buyers are very attracted to the idea that their next home will make them feel relaxed after a long day or that weekends in the backyard can feel like a mini-vacation. This is why large master bathrooms and big bathtubs have such appeal – people want relaxation.

So, where do you begin? First, take a look at your yard. Most will require more than a few flowers to make this transformation. Blossoms are beautiful, and they certainly add a splash of color, but creating an outdoor oasis will require some creative grooming and sweat equity.

Here are some options:

  • Go Zen: A low maintenance way to add tranquility to your yard is to create a Zen garden. Stepping stones cohesively tie in the rest of the landscaping, which may include white rocks instead of mulch, a mix of greenery and colorful floral focal points. Or create rock gardens with perennial areas in the corners of your yard. Add some crushed stone and a bench and it will look like a sanctuary to relax. You can choose from paver stones in a variety of colors, textures and styles to suit your tastes.

  • Create a place to roast marshmallows: A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can be added on as an extension to a deck, or you can build one in a section of your yard (there are kits at home improvement stores that include bricks/stones, pavers, and even a liner to keep flames inside the pit). This is definitely an all -afternoon installation project, but it will be worth it. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace can be the perfect complement to entertaining your family and friends into the evening. Check with your town about regulations in your area regarding outdoor fires, and be sure to place it in a safe area.

  • Add lighting: Sunset doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy your yard’s beauty. Light up the backyard so your family can continue to play. Lights can also add the perfect accent to your landscaping at night. Use solar ground lights to line your lawn and walkways, or install lantern fixtures on the exterior walls.

  • Add a deck or gazebo: Decks come in various sizes, designs, materials and finishes. You can hire a professional, or you can DIY a deck with kits sold at your local home improvement store. For entertaining or family gatherings, build a gazebo as an extension to your deck for some shelter from the sun and rain, or create a paved walkway leading away from your deck out to a free-standing gazebo.

  • Finishing touches: Consider upgrading your landscaping with a few more ornamental shrubs and perennials. Plant hosta (a leafy green perennial) around the bases of tree trunks. You can even do this along any side of your house that is not landscaped. It curbs weed and grass growth almost as much as the wood mulch does and makes the area looked lightly landscaped and finished.

With just a little planning and some sweat equity, you can expand your outdoor living and entertainment space and create a relaxing, beautiful spot for the family to enjoy.

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