6 Benefits of Living in New Hampshire

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reasons to live in new hampshireIf you’re currently living in New Hampshire, or if you’ve lived here in the past, you understand what the state has to offer – which is a little bit of everything. If you’re currently living out of state, are looking to make a move, and are currently researching the best places to live or raise your family, consider New Hampshire’s state motto before finalizing your decision: “Live Free or Die.”

That’s how Granite State residents live. There’s so much to offer when living in New Hampshire. For one, you’re getting a true four-season experience like no other around the country – you’ll get to fully experience winter, spring, summer, and fall. The natural beauty that literally changes face from season to season is, in many ways, reason enough to consider living in New Hampshire. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a new home, condo, apartment, or even looking to build a brand-new home – the options are limitless.

We’ll just start at the top for a moment. On February 27th, 2018, U.S. News & World Report named New Hampshire the 4th best state on their annual Quality of Life rankings list. That’s not too bad! Let’s talk about some more of the benefits of living in New Hampshire:

  • Geographic location: New Hampshire is situated on the United States eastern seaboard, which gives you direct access to all the ocean has to offer, from the perspective of entertainment and family fun, to economics and commerce. That said, living in New Hampshire gives you the opportunity to experience the salt water of the sea, as well as a vast assortment of fresh water lakes and rivers throughout the state. You’ve also got the mountains and flatter areas as you get closer to Massachusetts. And speaking of Massachusetts, New Hampshire’s location is prime in the sense that you can buy your new home and live in the serenity of the country living that exists in the state, but have quick access to major cities such as Boston and Portland, Maine, and even New York City. 

  • Schools: There is a large selection of public and private schools throughout the state of New Hampshire, from the K-12 sector on up through higher learning facilities such as colleges and universities. CNBC ranked New Hampshire the 7th most educated state in the country. The quality of schooling is high throughout the state, with many options for your consideration. And, harkening back to the geographic locale for a moment, when it comes to higher learning, living in New Hampshire – primarily the seacoast region – positions you right up the road from such places as Harvard, MIT, Boston College, and other large scale and prestigious schools. Not to mention the fact that Dartmouth is in our own backyard. New Hampshire values education and it shows. Read more about some of the best public school districts here.

  • Taxes: Compared to other states, New Hampshire has desirable, unique taxes in place (or not in place depending on how you look at it). Living and working in New Hampshire positions you to not pay an income tax, nor does the state boast a sales tax on consumer goods. Many Massachusetts residents that live on the border to make their way into the Granite State to buy their groceries, vehicles, clothing, and anything else really, just to take advantage of this rare sales tax law. If you’re living in New Hampshire you need not travel anywhere – it “is what it is.”

  • Community: Living in New Hampshire offers you two things: You can either find your dream home in a deep corner of the woods and enjoy living a life of solitude – only making your way into town for the bare essentials. Or, you can become part of the tight knit, neighborly communities that exist throughout the state. New Hampshire is small and small-town communication runs rampant. Everyone knows everyone else, and lifelong friendships are born. You can choose to get as involved in the different sectors (from politics, the arts, schoolboards, etc.) as you’d like – if you’re into public service/community involvement it’s very easy to become a productive citizen in the Granite State. If you’re not into it, it’s equally as easy to live in privacy. The choice is entirely yours!

  • Business: Businesses in New Hampshire run from small “mom and pop” shops to corporate entities in the bigger towns/cities in the state. There’s a unique mix of both, and both flourish with relative ease. This allows folks to chase their dreams and try their hand at their own startup with a much lower cost than trying it in a big city (think big city rents and overhead). On the flipside, there’s a steady amount of jobs to be had in the corporate landscape in such places as Manchester, Nashua, and Portsmouth (among others).

  • Cost of living: All of the aforementioned benefits trickle down to this final entry. The cost of living in New Hampshire is far lower than other states in the U.S. Buying your home here will not only be cheaper than other states in the Northeast and the country, but with zero sales tax and (if you work in New Hampshire) zero income tax, you can afford other “luxuries,” or you can even pad that savings account a bit more. There are a lot of free to low-cost entertainment to be had as well, with all the beautiful natural outdoor attractions from hiking in the mountains to visiting the beach.

New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful states in the country, and with it comes many unique benefits beyond the list above. Living in the Granite State has never been more desired than it is now, from folks looking to raise their families here, to retirees looking to settle down in a place that offers a slower pace without sacrificing fun things to do.

If you’re thinking about making the move and are interested in discussing the different areas and communities throughout New Hampshire, connect with Verani Realty today. We’ll find the home you’re looking for, and will provide you with an exemplary experience from start to finish! You can also start your real estate search by visiting Verani.com/new-hampshire-homes-for-sale.

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